How my Monday went

Seems like I have the hardest time writing on Mondays. This morning it was the usual painful transition back to the school week after the weekend. Both students and teacher were less than enthusiastic.  Christmas break starts in a week for us. We’ll still be doing a few things (reading, some educational games) but we’ll sleep later and take mornings a little easier for a few weeks. Looking forward to that.

This afternoon my 12 year old had a leg fitting– he’s grown nearly 2 inches this year, grew right out of the old leg, and is getting a new one built. Since we had to be out and about anyway, I opted to take my 12 and 15 year old daughters along to the fitting. They finished school work in the waiting room– ah, the flexibility of homeschooling.

At one point a guy came in wearing a prosthetic arm and carrying a spare prosthetic arm. “I’ve got one too many,” he said jokingly in response to my greeting, obviously feeling like he needed to explain himself.

At the moment we  also had an extra appendage lying around:  the old leg my son would be wearing home while the new leg was being finished.  I grinned and picked up the leg. “So do we.”

The man chuckled and nodded.  Not to often you get to acknowledge another member of that particular club. It’s one of the things I like about these appointments.

When the appointment was done we headed for Shopko to let the girls shop for siblings. In previous years our kids shopped at the dollar store for everyone. But counting Amanda’s husband Ben, that’s 10 people for each kid to shop for–not a small shopping task. Last year the kids voted and decided to start drawing names instead, still keeping the price limit around $10, but for just one gift. Makes for a nicer gift and easier shopping.  We all found it much easier–especially me, perhaps. It is no slouch helping a LOT of kids shop for siblings– that’s a lot of secrets, a lot of making siblings turn their backs in stores, and a lot of scurrying into the house with goodies too!

This afternoon the girls got a couple of gifts successfully chosen, and squirreled them away at home to wrap soon. I’ve GOT to wrap soon too– the UPS guy has been bringing me boxes every few days. My closet is reaching critical mass, and secrets are about to spill all over the place.  My gift bag sewing project is also nagging at my mind.  Soon…

We got home from our errands with JUST enough time for me to squeak a 20 minute run before sunset– the snow is still on the sides of the road, but the road itself is clear enough for running.  Hooray!

Dinner was dinich wat– spicy Ethiopian potato-hamburger stew (I’ll post the recipe tomorrow) — and a nice spinach salad. Now I am sipping cocoa and trying to crank out a couple blog posts before my yawning gets too fierce.  Happy Monday almost Tuesday to you!


  1. Hey, did you know that you can donate outgrown prosthetic legs to children in Haiti? You probably do, but in case you don’t… some friends of ours have a daughter who sent some legs to Haiti (love that sentence). I’d be happy to get you the info, but I’m sure Google would be just fine.

  2. Wait, are you saying that you haven’t wrapped ANY presents yet? I haven’t either, but you are always my inspiration for wrapping EARLY! 😉

  3. When I read the phrase, “shopping for siblings,” I did a double-take. Thought maybe you were going to add more children to your family again! ;o)

  4. I need to get wrapping as well. I will wait for my husband to go to his convention this weekend and do it while DS is sleeping. Will be glad when it is complete.

    Congratulations on your puppy! He’s a cutie.

  5. I’ve been an above the knee amputee since age 16 and going to prosthetic appointments is always fun (well, to me–probably interesting would be a better word 🙂 ) What type of leg does your son have? I have walked on many and am currently in what is by far the best–a C Leg knee unit with suction fit socket. I also have an “ankle” of sorts that has really helped with a more natural walk–but the best thing is finding a good “leg guy” that takes the time to fit the socket properly.
    Enjoy your blog very much!

  6. I like to keep a “To-Do” list at my fingertips with an Expo whiteboard! Place it on your fridge, next to your office desk, or anywhere you might glance at it during the day.-Mine is on the fridge! This helps you be more productive and allows you to keep a running list of things you need to get done. When you finished, just erase. I grabbed a whiteboard the other day and got free markers with it- Go for these deals!

  7. Shelly Roberts says:

    Loved getting a peek at your Monday. 🙂