Blessed to be a blessing

Since October when I learned through Esther Haven about charity:water, I’ve been thinking about the many mothers in the world unable to give their children clean drinking water.  John and I are so blessed to be able to meet our childrens’ needs.  But not all parents are that lucky.

This Thanksgiving eve, heart full with the blessedness of my life, I talked it over with John and we went ahead and started our own water project. What better way to celebrate Thanksgiving?  Our goal is to raise $5000 over then next 3 months,  enough to build a community well that is big enough to serve several hundred people in a 3rd world country.  (Check out this amazing slideshow to see a project in Ethiopia.)

I can’t think of many Christmas gifts as important as clean water. If you also have been blessed in your life, I hope that you will consider donating to our water project. Just $20 is enough to supply one person with clean water for 20 years, and 100% of donations go towards building a well.  In 12-18 months charity:water will send all donors pictures and GPS coordinates of the well our project funded.

Is that neat?   I think so, and I hope you will too.  With Christmas coming, consider donating in honor of someone on your gift list.  I personally would LOVE a donation to charity:water instead of a gift, and I bet there are a few people on your list who would feel the same way. Think about it:  a year from now, a child could be drinking fresh water for the first time in his life.  Because of you.

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. What a wonderful idea and such an important cause. Giving to charity instead of gift-giving has been a habit in our family. About 12 years ago my sister had an idea that we do every Hanukkah. Instead of buying gifts for all of the children(adult and non-adult)/nieces and nephews, we all pool our money and the kids chose a charity for the whole thing to go to. Every year it is a different organization, the kids are very involved and have never once complained about not recieving gifts.

  2. I forgot to mention–I will bring up your water project as a charity to consider.

    The discussions the kids and adults have on why certain charities are important to us are very enlightening. It is good for kids to really think about this kind of stuff. One of my kids now does research before donating–she wants to make sure that a large percentage of her money actually goes to help people, not to too much overhead costs.

  3. This is a wonderful cause! Last year, our congregation took up a special Christmas collection to build wells in Africa. The villages who received the solar powered wells now have fresh drinking water and they are able to grow food year round. This is a big change from having to send children down into holes dug in river beds. Our church will be collecting for a different mission project this year. However, I encourage others to help your water project if they aren’t giving elsewhere.

  4. Wonderful idea. I recently saw a special on TV PBS regarding the wells in Africa placed there by Americans, that many do not work any more due to political messes. They need repairs and parts, but nobody is in charge – thus no nore fresh water. My question is, who will be making repairs & part fixing with your well should they need it? I hate to sound so negative with this, but really am curious. For myself and my husband, we would LOVE to donate IF it is a well that will continue to work. Water that we Americans take for granted daily, clean water, where many places drink theirs & get such horrid diseases. Wonder if you have brought up this project to be put into our church bulletin? Way to go Mary!