More holiday projects

I’ve got one Christmas dress and a few of the gift bags made. I’ll show you those projects when I get them done. But today I got sidetracked by this banner to celebrate a more imminent holiday.

I got the idea for this banner from Kelle at Enjoying the Small Things. Check it out– she’s got some other fun ideas as well. She glued hers together but I decided to sew my panels like pillowcases, adding a zigzag bottom edge and turning them right side out once sewn. It turned out fun.

My next project (along with finishing the Christmas gift bags and dresses) is going to be sprucing up some old Christmas wreaths like so.  I’ve already got blue ornaments and wired ribbon. All I need is some spray paint.  Nothing like some good projects when the weather gets cold!

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  1. It’s beautiful!

  2. Just wanted you to know that I am thankful for you, the books that you have written, and the blog. We are a family of 3, but you have shown me how I can save money, so that I could stay at home with my son. You’ve inspired me to homeschool him as well. Thank you! I hope that you and your family have a happy and enjoyable holiday.

    • Hi Dawn,
      Thanks so much for writing! I am thankful for all the kind comments you have made here over the years. You are an encouragement to me as well!


  3. That is really nice. A work of art!

  4. Cheap and fun garland for the tree is to buy hard peppermind candies, twist then tape the ends together then hang on tree. Kids will love the candies after the holidays, good to crumble in coffee, and also good for sucking during menstrual cycle.