Review: Clic-it Diaper Bag

First, some random tidbits:

And now — getting to the actual point of this post– let me tell you a bit about the Clic-it diaper bag.  I almost passed on this review, but then I went to the website, checked it out, and realized it might be just the thing for my sister whose baby is due in just over two weeks!

There’s a video here if you want all the details, but basically this is the most customizable diaper bag I’ve every seen.  The bag has 9 different spots inside and outside the bag to which you can fasten a variety of tiny bags: a pacifier case, a cell phone pocket, a diaper/wipes case, and other useful compartments. On a short trip you can make the bag lean and streamlined by using fewer compartments.  On a long trip you can attach every compartment and make the bag super-organized while still holding lots of gear.

My only concern about this bag is that it seems a little overpriced.   The bag with diaper changing kit included is $49, and contains lots of generous compartments.  Additional clic-on compartments range in price from $4-$14.  Seems a little steep.  However the versatility of this bag cannot be beat.

I know that when I had babies, I often had two bags, a small one for quick errands, and a bigger one for longer times away from home.  This bag could do either, meaning you might only need one bag.  And it is sleek and simple enough that the guys aren’t going to feel self-conscious toting it.  If you are looking for a really deluxe diaper bag, you might want to consider this one further.  I am hoping my sister will enjoy it.

PS– She’s having a girl!  🙂


  1. Too funny. I actually made myself a diaper bag with similar features. A bunch of specialized snap-on & off pockets inside so it wasn’t just a big black hole. Guess I was onto something!

  2. I’m expecting #9, and it’s on my Christmas wish list! My husband thinks it’s great! Boy is it expensive, though!

  3. Oh, great! Just what I need *another* reason for my baby fever. 😉