Muddy shoes

I wasn’t too pleased to be unexpectedly slipping in mud the other day, but I’m pleased my shoes are looking used. They have 60+ miles on them by now, so they’ve earned it honestly, mud aside.

Someone mentioned to me that staying hydrated makes a big difference in running stamina, and I have found that to be true. Supposedly, drinking tons right before running isn’t as effective as staying hydrated, so I’ve been trying to get my water routinely.

I am amazed/delighted/shocked at each increase in endurance. Honestly I really didn’t know how much to expect. I am still slow– 13 minute miles are the norm. But I can run 8-9 minutes non-stop now, then walk for 3, and repeat 3 times. Today I ran 1.6 miles, with one 2-min walk break in the middle. And I wasn’t dying at the end. to be able to do that.  My 3 mile run/walk on Saturday actually felt reasonably easy. Was thinking I might be able to do a teensy bit more. I’ve got a 3.7 mile route all mapped out… next week I just may give it a shot.

Or maybe not. I have had a teensy bit of hamstring pain for the last week or so. It’s 2/10 on the pain scale at its worst. Tiny, really. I took 2 days off a couple times, thinking it would go away, and it did, almost. I feel it most the evening of a run. During the run, once I’ve gone half a mile and am warmed up, I literally don’t feel it. Zippo. Nothing.  And the pain after running has not gotten worse. But it hasn’t gone away either.  I hope it is OK to keep running. I’m watching it close and I feel like it is tolerating it fine.  I really, really, really don’t want to be injured.  But maybe it would be better not to increase the mileage now…wait til I’m stronger to test myself more.

Am enjoying weather  in the 30’s and 40’s for running.  I got an under armour long sleeve top —spendy lil’ splurge, but nice and warm.  Long too  — none of that bothersome creeping up like other tops sometimes do. I’m hoping to run outside a lot this winter.  In the time it takes to drive to and from the rec center, I can get in a whole run.  I’m sure we’ll do the rec sometimes this winter, but as long as I can handle the cold, I’m running outside.


  1. Hey Mary,

    As your legs start developing new, stronger muscles from running, it is possible that you may also develop muscle imbalances. Those can start to cause a lot of pain. In my case, my outer thigh muscles were much stronger than the inner thigh, and therefore the outer muscle was pulling my knee out – causing a lot of knee pain.

    The good news is that with some easy strength exercises I was able to quickly fix the problem.

    Whether that’s your issue or not, I would suggest doing some simple exercises on your non-running days. Maybe start with squats (make sure you google proper technique – is a good place) and lunges, and some good, deep stretches.


  2. start thinking about a balaclava designed for the sporting set–murder on your ‘do, but it really helps to cover your face and ears once the winter winds blow.

  3. I’m not a runner, so I really can’t offer advice from experience, but when my daughter had hamstring pain she was told to lay on her back with her butt up against the wall and legs going up the wall and watch TV for a while or read a book. This was a gentle stretch. Then after that was comfortable she was supposed to pull her toes down towards her knees a little at a time to increase the stretch. It worked!
    Be proud of yourself! Sounds like you’re doing great!!!