Welcome Good Housekeeping readers! (and a giveaway)

Look what came in the mail today??  A Good Housekeeping magazine with some of my words in it– page 213 of the December issue if you’re wondering.   Martha Stewart and Bobby Flay may be utterly blase about appearances in magazines, but it’s still a pretty big deal to me.

If you’re here because you saw the story, welcome!  I’m so glad you came.  Click around and explore.  I write about all sorts of stuff— with frugality, adoption, mothering, and good food being some of my favorite topics.  If you’re wondering whether this blog is worth visiting again, try these stories on for size:

How we met:  Our love story

How to save money at any store

How to can:  my favorite canning recipes

How we homeschool: pictures from handwriting class

How on earth we afforded 6 adoptions (no, we’re not rich!)

How to make my most-stumbled recipe: Lemon Curd Cake

In honor of the Good Housekeeping story– have I mentioned how thrilled I am?– this week I am going to give away a copy of each of my books, Family Feasts for $75 a Week and A Sane Woman’s Guide to Raising a Large Family.  To enter, simply comment below and tell me one of two things:

  • If you are a brand new reader, tell me how you got here.  Was it through Good Housekeeping?  Google?  Some other blog?
  • If you’ve been here before– welcome back, friend! –will you tell me what types of blog posts you most enjoy reading? Recipes?  Money-saving?  Adoption?  Parenting?  Other?

You have until Saturday morning to comment.  I’ll announce the winners early next week!


  1. Hey, how cool, Good Housekeeping! I’d totally buy it if it were for sale over here. Is it possible for you to scan the article and post it here so we can read it? I’m sure this will give you a lot of new readers.

  2. Congrats on the article! I’ve been reading you for months and enjoy everything that you write about. Keep up the good work!

  3. Congratulations Mary! I am an old timer and have read for awhile. I really enjoy all your posts, but I guess right now I enjoy the recipes and family posts the most. I won your Family Feasts book about a year ago and have really used and enjoyed it. I would love to win your other one also!

  4. I am a new reader and I found your site through a link on another blog. Unfortunately, I can’t remember which one!

  5. Hi Mary… Congrats on Good Housekeeping! I’ve been reading your blog for a couple of months now, and feel very encouraged and inspired after I read. I came across your blog one day after doing a search on google to find other large families. I have 4 boys (8,6 1/2, 5, 2)and after days where they were driving me crazy and I felt like I was doing everything wrong and constantly yelling, I had to see if there were other mothers out there going through the same thing. I found a bunch of different blogs including yours and I’ve been coming back to yours ever since. Just knowing that I’m not alone and reading how others deal with the same or similar situations has made a big difference for me. So thank you for being on line and allowing me to share your experiences.

  6. I found your blog through your writing on Ethiopian adoption and I stayed because I love homemaking, and I admire your lifestyle! My husband and I have a dream of our own place with a big garden for canning and preserving…someday soon.

  7. Congratulations on the magazine appearance! I’ve been reading for awhile. While I like all your posts, the recipes are probably my favorite. Oh, and those beautiful pictures of your bountiful garden all canned and ready to go in your pantry. 🙂

  8. Rebecca Wallis says:

    I found this site when googling a frugal life. I want to reduce my working hours to be there more for my 3 and my partner’s 2 children. I read your entry everyday and find you an inspiration!

  9. I came across your blog via recommendation from The Frugal Girl! We’ve also adopted and I’d love to get the Family Feast book.

  10. I’m a longtime reader but I don’t comment much. I was excited to see you in Good Housekeeping yesterday! Mostly, I come for the parenting posts, but I also love to cook. I have (just) 4 kids, and I love your thoughtful parenting style.

  11. I love it when you write about many diffenet things including frugality and adoption.

  12. I just got mine in the mail yesterday, too. I love the frugality posts best, since that is a big topic for me these days. I also love the inspiring posts about adoption and Compassion.

  13. Hooray for being in a big magazine, very cool! I’d love to win your books!! I love reading about parenting strategies, homemaking, and keeping life simple…if not necessarily quiet! lol

  14. Like it all. Found you from another blog that referenced you and yours in regard to Compassion International.

  15. Right now my google reader is full of craft, frugality and personal finance blogs.

  16. been reading for a year or more now…I found you while looking for either homeschooling blogs or recipes..I really don’t remember…and I stuck around to keep reading about both homeschooling, recipes, and adoption..And have gotten into being frugal because of this site and a few others. 🙂

  17. I love your blog in general, but your posts on saving on groceries that included recipes and your menu plans were what originally hooked me. I was actually disappointed you didn’t do that this year. I love your posts on parenting – you seem to have it so together that its nice to hear some of your humbling stories. I am not an adoptive parent nor will we be adopting, but I enjoy reading those stories as well, so I think the mix you provide is what keeps me coming back.

  18. I started reading ages ago for the adoption posts. That was before you’d brought the girls home! I stay around for the pictures and recipes and fun.

  19. I found your site through another blog. I am am interested in adoption and we went to our first adoption orientation last night. We hope to have the money saved sometime next year so we can begin the process.

  20. I found you when you were blogging for Compassion from DR. My favorite things to read about are your household organization posts and about things that worked for you with regard to homeschooling and a larger family.

  21. I read Sane Woman’s Guide and found your blog after that–thus, I love the parenting/kids stories! But I love the cooking (and gardening!!!) posts–and pretty much everything else too! Thanks!

  22. I’d love to win! I really enjoy your recipes. We love the chicken chimichangas. I’m planning to make chicken barley stew this month. 🙂

  23. Mary Stacy says:

    Hello – love your blog read about it in Good Housekeeping. Have a Blessed Holiday Season 🙂

  24. Hi Mary. I’ve been a reader for about a year. I love to look at recipes and natural living, as well as Christian living. Though not creative, I’ve always loved your posts on decorating as well.

  25. AHHH! How exciting!
    I received your cookbook as a gift last Christmas and was intrigued by your story on the back flap…. had to visit the site and I’ve been loving it since!

  26. Oh… meant to say, I love the posts about frugal living, raising a large family, etc. Your kitties and children and style of parenting are so fun to read about.

  27. I’m a long time reader and love everything you post…love hearing about your life…

  28. Congrats!! I have been here off and on for the last year. Picked up your 75 dollar a week book at the library a few weeks back, it was well written and I enjoyed it. I am a mom of 7 so I appreciate your sense of humor and the chaos of living in an active large family household. God Bless…

  29. Congrats on the article! I like reading your blog because I am always interested in hearing from moms similar to me. I have a big family and need to cook frugal meals and we also have adopted from Korea. Thanks for sharing your life with us!

  30. I found your blog recently from another blog. I can’t remember now which one! I love all posts related to adoption, cooking, canning, home management (though my family isn’t as large as yours), saving money, running as I am pretending to attempt it… I enjoy your blog. Thank you for sharing!

  31. Congrats on the article! You’re in the big time. 🙂 I think my favorites are those on adoption and parenting.

  32. I came here from 365 Crockpot Recipes- I love your posts about food and organization and money saving!

  33. I can’t remember how I found your blog – I think via your book (Sane Woman) which I bought after a recommendation from another purchase – you know how Amazon works! Loved the book, BTW.
    I like your frugal food posts best as they are so full of cheerfulness, creativity and adventurous tastes. My Mum always taught me food should be an adventure and creating food on a budget is no hinderance to that!
    I really relate to the sense in your writing that the sacrifices you are making to raise your particular family end up producing such great returns in terms of joy that they stop feeling like sacrifices and start feeling like investments instead – so, for example, you sacrifice having more space in your home but have another warm body to hug and another smile to see at the table. It speaks to me and inspires me at my current stage of life, even if I only have 10% the number of children so far!
    Now to track down an American copy of GH….

  34. I really enjoy your parenting and recipes!

  35. I love your posts about family, not just parenting (which are great) but also those where you talk about how you and your husband build and grow your relationship. I love the way you always speak positively about him – something I really try to do with my husband as well, but there are not a lot of people who model that.

  36. Very cool about Good Housekeeping! I’ve been reading quite a while now, but I am sure that you’ll have lots of new readers from that kind of exposure. I really enjoy recipes. Alecha has become a staple in our house because you posted a link to your article at my recipes…I never would have found it otherwise.

  37. Chris Butler says:

    Mary, I’m already a “follower”!! And I love your blog! Really, my favorite articles?? How can I choose? I love them ALL! Adoption, homeschooling, & recipes are probably on top!


  38. I am new to your blog and discovered it while reading good housekeeping. i look forward to checking back often and am grateful that I have the chance to win your wonderful books

  39. Yeah! Congratulations! I looove Good Housekeeping.

    I’ve been reading for awhile and love all your posts. Parenting, adoption, homeschool, canning, etc…

  40. Congratulations on the magazine article Mary! Very neat! I’m supposed to pick the “one” thing I enjoy reading about most??? Pretty much everything you discuss is of much interest to me: adoption (hopefully in my future), cooking, family life, frugality, you name it! That’s why I’ve enjoyed your blog so very much! I have your “Feasts” book and love it (my family is devouring your Easy Cuban Bread this week). I’ve read my friend’s copy of “Sane Woman’s Guide” twice and would LOVE to have a copy of my own. Thank you for taking the time to write such wonderful posts!

  41. Hi Mary! I actually just found you last week. I was searching Amazon for Kim Brenneman’s new book, Large Family Logistics (trying to see if they had it cheaper than Vision Forum), when your book came up! I’d LOVE to win a copy of your book! We have nine children and (sniff) just miscarried my tenth two weeks ago. Because of that, I am resting more these days and have more time to read than normal.

    I am definitely here for the Mommying posts and the practical, how-to-make-this-big-family-thing-work posts. I’m doing O-kaaayy-eee…, but can always use inspiration. You seem to exude that for me. (So thanks!)

  42. I stumbled across an article in a magazine that mentioned “A Sane Woman’s Guide…” about a year and a half ago. I looked for it on Amazon, it linked me to your blog. Yours was the first blog I ever read, as well as the first I started reading regularly (I didn’t know about “following” at the time). I soon thereafter started my own blog and I’ve been following you ever since! Anyhow, I enjoy all your posts, but perhaps the money-saving posts are my favorite.

  43. I love your blog! I have been reading for a few months, off and on, but I finally got Google Reader going and now read as often as you post! I especially love your posts on food and frugality. And adoption – my husband and I both have a heart to do this and are waiting on the Lord’s timing. I do have your Feasts book and find it very, very helpful! I would LOVE to read your other book OR be able to give a copy of the Feasts book to a friend, so I’m excited about the contest!

  44. Hi Mary! I’ve been a reader for about 3.5 yrs (since your adoption blogs days). And then when I realized you were an AAI parent too– I was hooked! 🙂

    And OMG!! I have that Good Housekeeping at home and haven’t even look through it yet! I can’t believe someone I *know* is inside it!! So exciting!!! Congratulations!! I’m super happy for you SHOULD be thrilled! (and a million more exclaimation marks…!!!!!!!)

    I love your frugal-tips. DH and I are really buckling down and I’ve started my own “budget” posts (tracking where we are x-number of weeks in etc). I also love stories from when you were newly married- hillarious. 2 trailers sounds like tourture to me but I loved laughing along with you as you re-counted your history.

    Keep writing!

  45. Lora Greene says:

    I’m a regular reader; I love your articles on parenting (and homeschooling) and frugality.

  46. I found you from a friend. I love to check out your various posts and frugality thoughts. Love your blog! Congrats on the Good Housekeeping!

  47. I have been here so long I can’t even remember how I found you. I love everything about the blog. I check in each day to get a little pick-me-up. I figure if you can do it all with your family, I surely can with mine.
    Keep up the good work.

  48. Congratulations!
    I’ve been reading your blog for over a year now. I think I found you on PW’s blog? I can honestly say that everything you blog about interests me. But reading your adoption stories really gets my heart rate going. 🙂 My husband and I have that call in us, we just haven’t taken the plunge yet. To hear about the adoptions you and your husband went through is like a pep rally for me. haha

  49. Hey there Mary!
    I found your blog through buying and reading your book Family Feasts! I thought SO MANY of your ideas were great & inspirational…so I checked site on a whim…and I’ve been hooked ever since. We have frugality, and adoption in common (my 4 year old is from Guatemala!) I love hearing new ideas about saving money…and I’m just DYING to read your FIRST BOOK about raising a large family!
    I don’t have a large family, but I love saving money, and reading about people lives in effort to hear what they did to maybe better my own! Even if I don’t win…thank you for being a daily dose of a smile for me. 🙂

  50. Found you through Good Housekeeping and am looking for frugal tips and recipes.