Review: RC Motor Muscle

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Gearing up for Christmas shopping for kids?  Check out these R/C Road Ripper Muscle cars.  I got a freebie in the mail to test out, and have it earmarked as a  birthday gift.  But before I gift-wrapped it, I enlisted my 16yo son to do some test-driving for me.    My son happily set to his task and spent a good 20 minutes zooming a foot-long orange Camaro around the living room, chasing and being chased by kittens.  Good fun.

These RC cars are for ages 7 and up, but come on, you’ve got to be pretty old to not enjoy a remote control car, especially a cute one like this. This car is quiet and responsive, and has a hood and headlights that lights up when driving.   I’m guessing it will see some use out in our driveway after dark because of those cool lights.  By the way, the car runs on AA batteries and the remote takes triple A’s, and as bright as those headlights are, I’m predicting some major battery-sucking.  Par for the course for remotes, in my experience.

A couple of other cautions about the car.  First–when you push a button on the remote, you get a snippet of a Rolling Stones song that could get REALLY old in the close confines of a living room in winter time.  (I’m already guessing this will be an outside toy at our house.)  And second, if you don’t have kittens to tease with this R/C you are missing out on some serious fun.  🙂   But other than that, this looks like a great toy, and I am looking forward to seeing the reaction of our 6-year-old daughter when she gets this goodie for her birthday!  She is an utter car fanatic, and is always pointing out cute cars to her daddy when they are out driving, but up til this point hasn’t has a remote control car of her own.

Zoom, zoom, zoom!


The opinions expressed here are my own.  Thanks to for providing the car for review.