Guesting over at Cafe Mom

My blog time in the last few days has been spent over at Cafe Mom, talking about one of my favorite topics, affordable food. If you submit a question for me over there, you’ll be entered into a drawing to win a copy of FAMILY FEASTS.  And welcome to any visitors from Cafe Mom.  If you’re on the hunt for more affordable, delicious recipes, here’s a good place to start!

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  1. My all-time affordable food ever:

    Potato and Leek Pizza (from the Pioneer Woman Cooks cookbook, if haven’t seen this one, get from library, well-worth every penny I paid for it, my daughters love the cool pictures when helping)
    pizza crust
    leeks or onion

    make a pizza crust, sprinkle with oil of any kind
    put thinly sliced potatoes (use madolin if have one, we have old metal one that works fantastic which we hunted across three states and finally found about 10 miles away in antique store for $1, they didn’t know what it was!) and thinly sliced leeks ontop cover with cheese
    cook for 12 or so minutes at 350.

    This pizza can be used with no cheese if dairy a problem, and combination of vegetables in the refrigerator.