My hubby wants to know…

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…where his wife has gone. The gal he’s known for 25 years did not have the remotest interest in anything sweat inducing. And this new girl is thinking about doing this race in less than 9 weeks. Crazy?  Could be.  Especially since she has yet to go a full mile without walking some.

Maybe this week.


  1. You can DO IT Mary! I’m a plus sized woman who just tried her first half marathon in Hershey Pa…got to mikle 9 of 13…but for a first timer, and someone of my size…I was still proud of myself for getting that far! 🙂 Just get out there and go for it! WAY TO GO! 🙂

  2. Exciting! I’m having to repeat a week in the c25k program because I just can’t do it comfortably. But I’m trying to stay positive and remember that a little over a month ago, trying to run even one minutes would’ve killed me! Baby steps.

    Congrats on sweating! Sure feels good, doesn’t it? Wish I would’ve done it sooner. Thanks again for posting that link or I’d still be stationary!!

  3. I had no idea we were so close together! I live in N central ID. You are inspiring me with all this running to consider doing some myself. I haven’t actually taken any action yet! I usually think – why bother? Six months out of the year the weather is too bad to run anyway. I need to find a good winter activity besides boring workout videos.

  4. I *love* that cartoon. I think my husband is in the same boat…I joined a gym for the first time in our marriage. He’s totally confused. GL though – you can do do it!

  5. do it! you’ll totally be ready by then!

  6. My husband and I did this race last year. It was so much fun. There were hundreds of costumed runners. Very festive. You will nearly forget you are running a race:) Keep it up!

  7. Christine D. says:

    Would you like a partner for race day? :o)

    • Chris, I would be so far behind you. I am s.l.o.w! But we could start together anyhow. I think Erika and Ben B. might be doing it too. (Ben prob in the longer race…)

  8. You should totally do this race – it is good for husbands to be hit with the shock and awe occasionally. My husband is still shaking his head over my weight loss dedication (I’ve dieting forever – am now actually losing weight – go figure!). Will be tremendous fun – we did a 5K together before hubby became ill- still think it was one of the BEST times we’ve had.

  9. Mary!! Good for you!! The race sounds like fun. I’d love to join you – – it would be great motivation for me to use that gym membership I paid for. 🙂

  10. Ugh. I *need* to be attempting something like that. Oh, but how I don’t wanna…. 😉

  11. What? It’s only 9 weeks til Christmas?!?!

  12. Run/Walk is a classic training method, actually. You simply increase the ratio as you go so that you are eventually running more than you’re walking, then ultimately not walking at all 🙂 You can do this!

  13. You should definitely look into the Galloway method of run/walk. It’s totally legit and you can then go as far as your dreams. I did marathons w/ it and didn’t feel like I was copping out in any way (bc they were hard!). Look into his books and/or John BIngham, same deal. It’s also easier on your joints etc. I might have an extra copy around if you’d like it, email me and let me know if so! Best of luck to you and enjoy!!!! (I had to stop runnign bc I get SO compulsive and personally competitive w/ it, even tho I’m terrible at it and terribly slow….the special needs of some of my kids make me need to be home more……but oh, I loved it!)

  14. great job!! you can definitely do it!
    one of my running buddies is a couple decades older than me (i’m 31) and when we run together (both training for a half marathon), we run 6-8 minutes and then walk a minute. that’s how she’ll run her half marathon and it’s so much easier on her joints. so, you’re definitely not coping out to train that way!
    the PP mentioned jeff galloway — check out he has training programs for 5k all the way to a full marathon. i’m not very familiar with his run/walk training, but i’ve heard really good things about him!