The properly supported pantry

(Apologies to anyone sick of pantry pictures– not sure how it became a yearly theme here, but I realize some of you may be over it.)


Last fall when I shared my pantry pictures, an alarmed reader warned me that my shelving needed shoring up to avert a possible disaster.  John and I looked at the pantry and saw the sagging for ourselves, but didn’t get around to fixing it til this week. Here’s my pantry with new supports added down the center of each shelving unit.

Here is the left side of the shelving unit.  John added a slim new shelf below the bottom shelf, perfect for my electric skillet and a few other skinny things.

And here is the right side of the shelving unit.  As you can see, there is a bit of empty space below this bottom shelf.  John is planning to eventually add a shelf here too.

All in all, I am really pleased with the way the pantry functions now.   And the shelves are definitely MUCH more stable.


  1. Beautiful!

  2. What a beautiful pantry you have thanks to your talented husband! What a blessed woman!

  3. No apologies needed! That is an AAWWESOME pantry. And I mean all those canned goodies too.

  4. I love a pretty pantry. And I love that yours isn’t cluttered with “packaging”. I’m all about the clean look of glass jars.

  5. Nope, never get sick of pantry pictures, especially ones that involve canned homegrown produce. Would love to know what all you canned this year and how much.

  6. Beautiful!! Reminds me of my grandma’s kitchen. So wish that she taught me how to can, but I guess that I’d have to have a successful garden to boot.

  7. So organized and beautiful! I bet you have such a feeling of accomplishment every time you look in your pantry!

  8. Great accomplishment. Do you have an old post or considered doing a post that explains how you calculate the amount of produce you need in order to feed your family during the year? I try to stock up and I can never calculate it right. Also, what and when you can and level of difficulty (meaning are some foods easier to can than others). Basically do you have a Canning 101 class 🙂 By the looks of your pantry you have mastered it.

  9. Susan B-A says:

    I’m with Jennifer and Brandie! I’d love details on what you put up and how much. I made my husband come see your stunning array. Thanks for sharing your accomplishments!

  10. Nice and orderly pantry. Will never grow tired of such pictures.
    Although Covet is breaking a commandment…

  11. thriftymomma says:

    Your pantry looks fantastic! Your hubby did a great job.So did you with all that canning. I noticed the pickles stacked two high, I didn’t know you could do that. I made my hubby put in extra shelves because I was afraid I’d break the seal on the bottom jar somehow (newbie canner). You left the rings on your jars too, my research said to take them off but then what do I do with 200 rings?! Does leaving the rings on make the bottom jars stronger if I stack them? Sorry for all the questions, good pictures like these make me inquisitive.

    • I’ve heard you can take rings off, but I personally feel more comfy leaving the ring on. I routinely stack pints and half-pints. I don’t know if that is officially OK, but I’ve never had problems with jars staying sealed.

  12. I never get tired of looking at pantry pictures. Wow. That’s my favorite kind of decorating right there. Lovely.

  13. I love your pantry pictures – the jars are beautiful!

  14. I’m just jealous you HAVE a pantry. Even if I had one, though, it would never look as pretty as yours does. Although you did talk me into buying some mason jars for storage, and I’ve moved a lot of things into them already.

  15. That is such an inspiring pantry.

  16. Holy Guacamole! And you have guacamole in there too don’t you!? Ha! Ha! What are some of the items that we are seeing beautifully pictured? How long do they keep this way and how do you possibly keep track of eerything? Do you date the jars w/labels?

  17. Is it strange that your pantry photos took my breath away? I have some serious pantry envy right now. Love it! I will be scouring your blog over the next few weeks so I can improve my kitchen space.

    Thanks for the inspiration!


  18. I am SOOOO jealous that it’s not even funny!!! I have a small and completely unfunctioning pantry… it’s just 2 doors in the kitchen with shelves that are too deep and you can’t see anything that’s in the back… I hate it but there’s no room for anything else.

  19. Nat Alea from OK says:

    I’m with everyone else. I love looking at your pantry with all the beautiful put up jars. I’d love a canning 101 lesson too. How long will everything last and looking at your potatoes in the laundry basket, how long with they last???? Thanks for a great post and making me want to be more organized ;o)

  20. I thought of you when I hit my grocery store’s reduced tables today. The store was just remodeled and they have the things that they won;t be carrying any more reduced. I used this as an opportunity to stock up on good deals. Wish they had this table out more often.

  21. elizabethrose says:

    Gorgeous pics! I love looking at your pantry, Mary. And John did a great job on the shelving! Thanks for sharing

  22. That is so cool, Mrs. Owlhaven! This is sprittibee’s daughter. I love you’re blog… Did you grow all the food you can yourself? You are certainly talented… And organized!


  23. Gorgeous! I love seeing all that home canned food 🙂