Last week due to travel I only ran twice. I am determined for that to be a fluke, not a habit. So determined, in fact, that this evening I ran in the rain. In rain, people. This is big. For me, anyhow. In the past, I’ve used a 2% increase in humidity as a good reason not to exercise.

Also of note: this evening I ran a mile in 10 minutes. This is also big news. For me, anyhow. My 12 yo son was jogging behind me, wishing I’d slow down. OK, maybe he wasn’t wishing that.  But his lagging made me feel tough and buff. Except for the 5 minutes of panting I did on the front porch AFTER running for 600 seconds at such a blinding pace.

Final note:  after 4 weeks of running, I have lost not one pound. Bah humbug.  I did, however, recently buy a pair of size 10 jeans.   Which may be a fluke.  (They were Lee jeans, if you are interested in experiencing such a fluke for yourself.  But whatever you do, please do not comment and tell me that Lee jeans are known to run large.  I am not interested in such opinions, and I am perfectly happy living in my little land of denial.)

That is all.


  1. I love denial friend to all. This made me chuckle as I an trying to look after myself more. My bobdy decided to reject all the chocky lurv given to it and not work properly, nast nasty body. YEA! on the jeans long may the keep ya smilin’
    BTW loved your post on James 1:27 i TRULY got “it” very powerful.

  2. Woop! Woop! You GO girl!!!

  3. Honestly, who would get on here and tell you that jeans run large and make you feel that bad? So rude if they do. 🙂 I am proud of you! Go Mary Go!

    • Oh, I was just poking fun at myself, and not truly expecting anything bad….I have some of the kindest readers in the UNIVERSE! Thanks for the cheer!

  4. I’m on week 3 and keeping track of weight and inches. While I’ve hardly lost an ounce weight wise, I have lost 3 total inches! So, your jeans aren’t a fluke. I’ve always heard fat turns into muscle which weighs more, so I guess it’s true. And an old pair of jeans I have fit! Barely, but they can be buttoned! 🙂

  5. I would second the idea to reward yourself for inches lost. I was recently looking at records from 2 years ago when I splurged on a personal trainer once a week for six weeks. My weight was exactly the same but I’d lost 2 inches on my waist. You’re turning fat into muscle! Go and enjoy the jeans!

  6. Way to go! I am struggling to get my walks/runs in these days and it seems that once I let myself “off the hook” and skip a day or two, then it’s all downhill from there.

  7. I don’t think Lees run large. You’re shrinking! I just started a different exercise program. It’s so hard to force myself to do it day after day, but I know I am becoming healthier for it. Keep it up!

  8. i have discovered that old navy is very generous in their sizing is you’d like a moral boost. 😉 (2 sizes smaller than i’d normally wear! it was actually a little offensive i think, trying to fool me or something, ha)

  9. Hey, Mary – I feel bad that I missed this in the side bar. Why not make it one of your regular features? It seems to be encouraging a lot of people. Truly, maintaining physical strength has much potential for helping us make better use of our time and energy! And it helps teach our kids good habits.

    As for the jeans, it would be very normal if your physic “tightened up” while not losing weight. You know muscle weighs more than fat, (pardon the blunt vocabulary) so that initially you could even gain weight until you work up your endurance to burn more calories per week.

    I’m glad you like your running shoes, but I really want you to research the “barefoot” running I’ve been doing for ultimate and long-term joint care. It would be perfect for you to begin with it now as you are beginning your running program. It uses the leg muscles differently as it cushions the landings, so even seasoned runners have to ease into it carefully. Did you happen across the couple of blogs I’ve had about it?

    Keep up the good work.

  10. Ah, Mary, you are inspiring me! I haven’t gotten off the couch yet but I’m thinking more and more of doing it. (that counts, right?). My motivation is to lose a few lbs but being healthier and having more energy would be a huge plus. Keep on running! I may “join” you.

  11. I don’t run but am cheering from afar for you – tightening things up can result in smaller sized without the scales moving – keep on keepin’ on and you’ll see both changes! Although to your loyal readership- you look mahlvelous!