Chaos in the kitchen

I’ve got a couple of more recap posts from T4A– wow, such an awesome weekend.  I want to tell you the story of Pharaoh’s daughter and the basket in the river. (Point to ponder:  ya think she just HAPPENED to go to the river to bathe when she knew her daddy was killing boy babies?)

Here’s a great post by Kristen that shares some of her thoughts. 

Here’s another one by my conference roomie Christine.

Here’s an AMAZING adoption story:

Isaiah’s Story from 31Films on Vimeo.

I’ve also got to pick a winner from my Juicy Juice giveaway. Soon, I promise!

But I hubby and I are in the middle of shoring up the shelves in the pantry, which involves taking EVERYTHING OUT of the pantry, and then of course while we are at it PAINTING  the shelves.  All this while also spending 12 hours turning about 80 pounds of grapes into grape juice and grape jelly. Talk about CRAZY.  Here’s how my kitchen looked yesterday:

And here’s how it looks today:

It’s enough to make a girl scream.  (Biting tongue, biting tongue….)   BUT it is going to look awesome when it all comes together.  Bless my dear hubby for making my little kitchen work so beautifully for me.  I seriously think he could have a kitchen micro-remodeling business– you know, come into a small kitchen and on a modest budget add half a dozen shelves in key areas and make existing space function sooo much better.  He is awesome!

OK, back to the chaos.   I will rejoin you here at some future date with my adoption conference highlights.


  1. Hey, my kitchen can be your hubby’s first project! My kitchen is super tiny. Yours looks about 3 times the size! Even if I had my huge dream kitchen, there would still be dishes piled in the sink and crumbs on the floor. At least this way there’s a lot less to clean.

    But, I’ve finally learned it’s not the size of the space that makes the meals fabulous, but all that extra love I pour into them. 🙂

    PS–on week 3 of c25k, and going strong!

  2. I wish you lived near me because I have a VERY small kitchen, inefficiently designed, and would love to hire your hubby (should he go into that side business) to do some work on it. Interestingly, I found out the other day from a realtor friend why so many kitchens from the 70’s and 80’s were built so small (in contrast to the overall size of our home which is 2500 sq ft, our kitchen is a mere 9’x7′ less than 100 sq ft). She said it’s because so many women were going out to work that builders theorized that they wouldn’t be using the kitchen all that much. Huh? People still have to eat right? It is some comfort at least knowing this little theory though it doesn’t really help us as a family of almost 6 people. Oh I should also say that our dining area is attached but not included in the kitchen. We aren’t that cramped. 🙂

  3. AllieZirkle says:

    What an amazing treat to have a kitchen facelift! I know you work hard to make the most of your space. I LOVE the photo of your canning on the counter. Just wonderful!

    @Crystal way to go! I completed C25K this weekend. What an amazing journey!!

  4. I loooooooooooooooooooooove the photos of your kitchen and all those canned goods!

    We are feverishly saving for a house.. and then I can remodel and make things work for me too! For now I make it work in our apartment…

  5. As a Tupperware Consultant, I love seeing a Thatsa Mega Bowl right in the middle of the chaos! I always dread cleaning out our pantry but I love how organized it is when it is done. Although it is exhausting now, think how wonderful it will be this winter to have all of those canned items.

  6. That was an amazing video about Isaiah! So inspiring and such a blessing! Thanks for posting that!
    Also, what a sweet hubby for helping to make your life run more smoothly in the kitchen! Hope you have before/after shots soon!

  7. Dear Mary
    Would you ever consider loaning you husband out on a long lease can think of SOOO much he could do for my little home, lol
    keep the faith you do what seems to be a great job with much heart,both of you do

  8. Wow what a beautiful video. And what a beautiful kid he is!
    Looks like you’re going to have lots to eat this winter! But you have to, with all those mouths to feed…
    I’m going to start week 2 of c25k today!

  9. thriftymomma says:

    Absolutely…before and after pictures please! Your hubby has inspired us to do lots of different things in our kitchen too. Thanks!

  10. Oh, those beautiful jars of homemade goodness-so pretty! You’re great pantry is going to be perfectly awesome when completed and put back together! More pictures! More pictures!

    I, too could use the help of your handsome handy hubby! We live in a small house (1,000 sq ft). I can only laugh at the kitchen remodeling shows on tv when the say “small” and the kitchen is 10 times bigger than mine, before the start the remodel! My kitchen is small but isn’t confining because it’s open to the dining and living room area, but I can pivot on one foot and reach sink, microwave, fridge and stove! My “pantry” is in our attached one-car garage (that’s never seen a car inside).

    I spent yesterday getting a start on cleaning out and reorganizing my little freestanding pantry cupboard units to make room for my return to home canning. Last week my sister and I put up 35 pts of my Secret Recipe Asian-style plum sauce. Saturday, my hubbby and I put up 10 qts & 15 pts of chunky-style cinnamon applesauce in a 16 hour marathon session-my first all-nighter! ha ha ha

    Seriously tho’ it was your video on how to can homemade tomato sauce that inspired all this! I have a basket of tomatoes from my sister’s garden and I’m going to follow your instructions to make my first homemade tomato sauce this morning!

    Thanks for the inspiration and instruction!

  11. Mary,

    It’s enough to make me drool…extra shelving space…”ohhhhh…”

    You should “rent him out” LOL! LOL!
    Great shelves! Good work!
    I can’t believe all that canning! That’s just crazy! WOW! 🙂


  12. Mary,
    Off-topic but I got your books in the mail two days ago. Already tore thru “Sane Woman’s Guide” and I just have to say, I think I love you! The first page I flipped to in “Family Feasts” was where you talk about making your own cream-of-whatever soups. I’ve always hated the gloppy canned stuff not to mention the cost, packaging and extra sodium/additives. You are my new BFF!

    PS your pantry looks great. Our house had no pantry when we moved in-hubby converted the coat closet and added a few cabinets in the garage for overstock, so I can fully relate!