New blogs

The winner of the Science Spa kit is Dawn F!


I was happy to discover last week that it is practically painless to switch from (defunct-this-week) Bloglines to Google Reader. And glory be, it turns out I actually like the Google reader better!  I read over 100 blogs a week, so I really appreciate the way the google reader just lets you scroll through every blog in a one-click way.  My wildly eclectic list includes faith to fashion to photography to frugality to just plain funny.

Here are a few I just added:

Fish in My Hair hilarious, irreverent homeschooler

Pleasant View Schoolhouse gentle, inspiring homeschooler

Centsational Design– awesome and frugal home decor projects

My Life in Projects – my very own sister Rachel’s house-projects blog!

Happy Monday!  I am off to do a zillion things.  I leave Wednesday for the TOGETHER FOR ADOPTION conference! I’m sooooo excited!!!


  1. Mary, Thank you for the Science Spa Kit. My niece is going to love it for Christmas. When I traveled for work-before children-I would save the sample lotions and shampoos from hotels for her. She loved those lotions and potions. I know that this kit will make her day. Thank you!

  2. I like it better to. Did you notice you can tell it to ONLY show you the blogs that have new posts. Totally digging that!

  3. Haha! So I saw your sister’s blog and I thought My life in THE projects. I couldn’t believe that you have one sister in Africa and one in the projects. Your parents MUST have done something right! And then I read that it is not THE projects. 🙂
    Too funny!

  4. Thanks, Mary!! 🙂 Now I need to put some posts up ….. 🙂

    Love, Rachel

  5. I’m learning to live without bloglines too, but I miss it. Google Reader gets the job done, but I guess there’s enough old fogey in me that I hate unnecessary change.
    I also just discovered Fish In My Hair and added her to my list of regular reads. After I blogged about her, I discovered that we have real life mutual friends. Small world!