Hat tip to my dear friend Stephanie whose post inspired this one.

This is a list of things I’ve thought of doing, wondered about doing, but am not really sure if they will ever fit well into my life. And yet, the idea of doing such things intrigues me.  After you read mine, I’d love to hear a whimsy or two from you!

  • I want to get competent at a language other than English.  Probably Korean, because I already spent 2 years studying it, and I loved my visits there.  Would actually love to spend a month there sometime maybe when the kids are grown, getting better at the language and experiencing the country more.
  • I’d also love to spend a month volunteering in Africa, helping my sister.  In this fantasy my husband would be raring to go and my kids would be happily pitching in alongside and plane tickets to get everyone there would not cost $1800 each….
  • I want to spend a month traveling around the country in a motor home with John and the kids.  This particular fantasy involves my kids actually enjoying all that togetherness and my hubby being able to afford being off work for a month.
  • I want to build and run a B&B with John on the Oregon Coast–I’d cook fantabulous food, John would maintain the place, and we’d hire a maid to clean house and do laundry.   And 3 weeks out of the year the house would be reserved for our kids and their families.  I already have the coolest houseplan picked.   It has 3 master suites, 4 other bedrooms and bathrooms, a huge dining room, a bigger deck, an atrium, a theater room and an indoor pool.  Oh, and it is 9,000 square feet.  Would that not be the BEST place to vacation in rainy Oregon??  Obviously this particular fantasy involves winning the lottery.
  • I’d like a tattoo, a small one on my left wrist that says, “Belonging to the Lord.” (from a verse in Isaiah).  Then when I am a little confused old lady and don’t know who I am, I and everyone around me can remember the One who holds me in the palm of His hand.


  1. I would love to RV with my family to fun places all over the country. I like that one. Also, I got teary reading about the tattoo. You are so beautiful, Mary!


  2. I love this! And I love hearing your dreams. We should all have such lovely dreams!

  3. Hey good post and made me think, lots of things are doing that of late just know my heads gonna exsplode lol. Joshing aside you could do the tatoo thing faith is just what it is and if we loos it or think we are going to you have a physical reminder to just keep going
    Love the post

  4. Mary,

    How fun. I’ll have to post my own list (I’ll let you know). It is funny, however, that I would probably have thought up something quite similar to your first four! Must be a common “adoptive mom of many” personality. Are you an ENTP?

    However, I have NEVER wanted a tattoo. . . maybe that desire comes after raising a couple of teens? LOL!

  5. *I, too, think of RV’ing around the country. My dream involves an airstream camper and lots of time exploring the national parks. Problem is we don’t like camping…..or have $$ for a camper. Or the time off from work for husband.

    *I want to learn to swim laps effortlessly. I picture myself gliding through the water and swimming, swimming, swimming. BUT, I’m kind of afraid of water and haven’t really advanced past the doggie paddle. I panic when my face gets wet. Maybe this is a dream I can work on.

    I like your tattoo idea. I once dreamed of getting one as a permanent memento of an event in my life. I didn’t but can see the appeal.

    Your B&B idea sounds divine! Can I dream that my family will stay there? LOL. (you know….after our RV trip across the country and I can swim laps in that pool…..).

  6. I shared the tattoo whimsy–and got one that says daughter of God. I am glad I did, though my church family was a bit shocked at first. Thanks for sharing something so light and fun. It was cool to see.

  7. Thanks for bringing whimsy and fun to my day.

    I too have the idea of RVing across the country, but know that it will never happen with hubby. His grandparents had an RV when he was a young child and it broke down every time they would go on a trip.

    I’ve always thought about a tattoo as well. Wouldn’t know what to get or where, as I wouldn’t want it to look odd when I am wrinkled and old.

    I have always wanted to be a foster mom, and hope someday to make that happen.

  8. All your plans sound good. And when you get that B&B going, let us know. We’d love to come. No tattoos for me – I don’t heal all that quickly.

  9. The B&B sounds fabulous. We live in the Willamette Valley and stay at the coast several times each year in a work trade. It never gets old, rain or shine. In fact, some of our best memories are when we watched some mighty fantastic storms during our stay. Your house plan would be great for our large extended family so count us in when that large inheritance/lottery comes in. 😉

  10. I love that list! Makes me curious about my own. And I have to admit, that last one got me a little misty eyed. Not a bad idea at all!

  11. I also want to do the RV trip around the country. I keep waiting for Brian to become “independently wealthy”.

    I’ve been entertaining the idea of getting another tattoo. So call me when you’re ready and I’ll go with you!

  12. It’s funny you say that about the tattoo thing. I have also secretly wanted one that says something pretty close to that. 😉 How fun! I want to be able to have someone see it and ask about it when I am old.

  13. Some friends of mine retired a couple years ago. Since then, they have gone to Volunteer at camps within our church system, doing cooking, office work, cabin maintenance. Even a month as Director for a medical leave.
    The pictures on her Facebook are beautiful, taken when the “work day” is done.

    My own dream would be to do something like that, working for shelter and supper, but no way could my husband be able to cope, for health issues.
    As you said, Whimsy 🙂

  14. I’ve always dreamed of opening my own bakery. I took the first steps this summer by taking all of the Wilton classes and I had a blast.

  15. I liked this idea so much I copied you and posted my “list” on my blog and gave Stephanie credit by way of you. 🙂 This was so much fun. I really needed to suspend reality for a little while tonight.

  16. I have enjoyed your website for a long time. You are a very admirable and inspirational woman!

    Tatoos are very popular these days, but did you know that Leviticus 19:28 says, “Do not cut your bodies for the dead or put tattoo marks on yourselves. I am the Lord.” So, even though you would choose a message to proclaim yourself as His, He doesn’t want you to in this way.

    I’m not trying to be critical here, I just wanted you to know, in case you didn’t. 🙂

    • Thanks for sharing God’s word here, Bev.

      Here is what I’ve been taught and what I believe about this issue: Leviticus is Old Testament law. It includes many prohibitions, such as not cutting the edges of the beard, not touching a woman during her period, and avoiding wearing clothing of mixed fibers. These are things the Jews did when looking forward to the coming of Jesus, as a reminder of the great weight of sin.

      Since Jesus came, we are no longer living under the Mosaic law. We are now living under the new covenant,(Galatians 5) which gives us many more freedoms. We do not– we cannot!! — earn our salvation by our keeping of the law, but rather we are saved by His sacrifice. By grace. Christ’s sacrifice has freed us. Praise Him!

      However, God reminds us not to use our freedom to indulge the sinful nature (Galatians 5) or to cause others to stumble (1 Cor 8). That caution does cause me to desire to make decisions carefully, with the feelings and beliefs of others in mind. For that reason I appreciate your kind warning and your concern.

      Thanks for writing!


  17. Janice Hernandez says:

    Hello Mary,
    I have enjoyed reading your posts on the Owlhaven website for well over a year now. (I’ve lost track of how long it has been!) I have also purchased your Family Feasts book and read it cover to cover. My family of six has enjoyed many of the recipes in it. I am also a homeschooling mom who is a La Leche League Leader and dreams of having a book published one day.

    My family and I have done one of the things that you said you would love to do. In the summer of 2007 we traveled through at least 13 states in 31 days and journeyed 6000 miles in my family’s new bunk edition Coachman RV. This adventure was the culmination of a year long unit study on the Little House books, called the Prairie Primer. I decided that I wanted to take my children to visit every single Little House site, museum, and log cabin in the entire country. We began in Wilmington, NC and did a loop around the country, including visiting relatives in Colorado, staying at Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, going to Mt. Rushmore in South Dakota, and concluding at the La Leche League International 50th Anniversary Conference in Chicago. The states where the Little Houses are located include Missouri, Kansas, South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa. (the Farmer Boy book was based on New York) We loved the Ozarks in Missouri so much that we ended up moving there 7 months ago! Soon we will be moving to the area of northern MO/southeastern Nebraska/southwestern Iowa as my husband takes a new job in the nuclear power industry. When we did this big trip, my husband was self employed as a builder/home inspector. It was the adventure of a lifetime, with memories made that will never be forgotten and stories to tell for generations. If you ever have the opportunity to do it, take it! It is a wonderful family bonding experience.

    Thank you for keeping such a wonderful blog/website. Your family is wonderful, and you are an inspiration.

    Sincerely Yours,
    Janice Hernandez

  18. Tatto yes! rv around the country not so much. love your list!

  19. I’d really like to take 6 weeks as a family to do the eastern part of the US and then two years later take another 6 weeks to do the western part. I don’t know that it will ever happen… but I sure wish.

    I’d like to *really* learn Spanish.

    I’d like to live in a foreign country with my family for at least two years.

  20. I love your list! I just had to say I saw your comment on Stephanie’s post that God made kids to be raised by humans–and so appreciated it. It’s so easy to be super hard on ourselves–I’m my worst critic.

    Looking forward to T4A this weekend!

  21. Very fun, Mary 🙂 I confess that I haven’t read your blog since I got back, so was a bit overwhelmed when my bloglines had so many of your posts….So I came to the real deal and saw how fun it is! I love your thoughtful response regarding tattoos. And I agree that your visiting would be so fun. Someday 🙂 Thanks for the visit yesterday! Love ya

  22. Fun read. I’m with you on the second language (toss up between Spanish and Italian) and the tat on my left wrist. I’d like to spend a month anywhere doing volunteer work.


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