Another way of canning

This picture probably should have gone into my Samsung kitchen organization post, but I didn’t get around to taking it until tonight.   I was fortunate enough to inherit a bunch of 2-quart canning jars from my grandmother, and find them to be perfect for organizing dry goods that I buy in the bulk food department at the store.  I also labeled most of them as well, which makes it lots easier for the kids tell the difference between corn meal and wheat germ.  Other items include various kinds of nuts, couscous, beans, lentils, split peas, Ethiopian spices, coffee beans, dried tomatoes, masa, flax seed, and other goodies.


  1. That, I fear, is about the only type of canning I am capable of. So sad.

  2. (though I Would love to be a fly on the wall at your house someday, and watch to learn from the master and her 10 helpers)

  3. WOW
    you put me to shame
    I ahve been procrastinating about sorting out my pantry for ohhh soooooooooo long now.
    I may get off my lazy Bottom and do something about it, thats on my to do list after I go into the attic!
    you do a great job with all that you have and those who walk to your door congrats they are a testiment to you good stewardship.
    All the best

  4. I LOVE the 2 quart jars. My wonderful hubby found them at our local ACE hardware for less than $2.00 a jar. They are also great for storing food in the fridge. We use ours for homemade yogurt and salsa.

  5. I love 2-quart jars. I don’t think I can ever have enough of them! I use them the same way, though for some unknown reason, it has never occured to me to label the outside of the jar. I’ve been relying on my memory and my ability at identification up until now. Though, I have to admit it was a faulty system… espcially when trying to determine the difference between the different types of bulgur wheat. Thanks for the tip, I think you have simplified my life.

  6. And so pretty, too 🙂

  7. You ARE SuperMom! Awesome idea! I have used my canning jars for all sorts of things, but I’m always clueless about what to do with all the different kinds of flour and such that I have – problem solved! Thanks! (Though I must admit that I’m a little ashamed I didn’t come up with this myself! Duh!)

  8. Oooh! Pretty!! I’ve started buying pickles in the large glass jars – mainly for the jars! We keep all our beans and whatnot in them.

  9. I do this too! I love how uniform it makes my pantry look. And pretty glass jars are so much prettier than plastic bags rolled up with big chip-clips on them, right? 🙂


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