Waiting longest

I’ve been reading the stories of Ann from Holy Experience, who is in Guatemala right now, experiencing the wonderful work that Compassion International does for children. Go read, OK? That story reminded me of what most amazed me about the trip that I took with Compassion to the Dominican Republic in 2008— the way a Compassion sponsor can help give young adults hope.  Can literally be life-changing.

After I read Ann’s words, I clicked through to the Compassion page.  We already have two Compassion kids.  Can’t really afford more right now.  And yet her words made me want to look into the eyes of children who wait, to see the need and think again through our priorities. On the left side of that page, in the box where it says ‘Search for a Child” I clicked on “Guatemala”, then selected “Male” because boys always wait longer, and then clicked on “Age 10-14” because older boys wait longest of all.  (Go there right now and do that with me, will you?)

On the very first page I was heart-sore to see a heart on the picture of every boy on that page.  You see, a heart means that boy has been waiting 6 months or more for a sponsor.  And it was the same on the second page, and on the third, and on the fourth.  Eighty-one boys in all, ages 10 and older, all of whom have waited more than 6 months for a sponsor.

Will you go and read Ann’s words?  Then look into the eyes of these older boys who wait in Guatemala.  Boys who will be fathers and husbands some day.   Boys who desperately need mentors and encouragers right now.  And prayerfully consider being a sponsor.

I thank you.  In the name of Jesus.


  1. I just wanted to let you know that my family and I chose one of those boys early this afternoon. We prayed together that God would show us just the right child, and He led us to Ronaldo. He was the first one on the list, and today is his birthday! He also shared many interests with my boys. We flipped through some more pictures, but as much as we wished we could help them all, we kept going back to that sad eyed boy. I pray we can bless Ronaldo as much as I think this experience will bless us.

  2. I learned a few months ago that girls are chosen two to one over boys, which broke my heart. I am glad to read so many posts recently about Compassion and sponsorship. I hope that many, many children are, not only sponsored, but will receive many letters of love and encouragement!

  3. As a mother to two, soon to be three, boys who waited 4, 3, and 6.5 yrs respectively to be adopted, I have such a heart for boys. I also have a daughter who was 3.5 when we adopted her and I love her to pieces, but my heart really aches for boys because they so often get passed over as seemingly “harder” to raise. Boys rock! I love it that I have both genders but I will confess “guilty” to being glad I have only one daughter. That’s enough drama for one household. LOL!

    We have some sponsor children through another organization so we can’t add another right now. But I can pray for these children. I actually looked at the boys from Bolivia. Both my sisters have gone there on missions and they absolutely love the Bolivian people and their culture. The boys are precious and it’s sad there are so many of them needing sponsorships.

    I am praying that more people will consider “down-sizing” their Christmas, and choose one of these boys to sponsor and to make a real difference in the life of another!

  4. Ann’s posts have brought me to tears. We have a heart for Guatemala after a missions trip to an orphanage there 9 years ago. This weekend we selected a 5 year old Guatemalan boy to sponsor. We looked through all the pictures with our son and found a little boy who shares his exact birthday! So now Julio is a new member of our family. I’m excited to see how the Lord will use this to not only to bless Julio and his family but ours as well. Thanks for the encouragement of this post.