$10 Date Success

For the past two evenings John and I have had time to ourselves, thanks to vacation Bible school and the fact that the only solitary thing I was asked to do for it this year was to bring a few pounds of grapes.    (Hip hip hooray!  And thank you to all the wonderful teachers, craft leaders, rec leaders and snack people who are contributing to the fun my children are having this week!   I’ve done one or two of those jobs over the years and not a one of them is easy.)

Anyway, John and I and our time….   The first evening since we couldn’t really think of what to do, we drove around running little errands.  Fred Meyers had 79 cents/lb grapes and $1.59/lb hamburger.  We got $10 bed sheets at Target and $2.49 clearance t-shirts for our son who’s heading off to college oh-so-soon.  We swung by Home Depot for 400 pounds of concrete mix for a project of John’s and 2 types of basil plants (cinnamon basil and Thai basil) that I hope will thrive in a pot in my kitchen.   Wanna guess which items I carried out of Home Depot?  🙂

We finished off the evening with 60-cent ice cream cones at Arctic Circle.  Aren’t we romantic? 🙂 Actually the evening was fun. Relaxing.  Nothing too frivolous, nothing too expensive.  But let’s face it: shopping dates may be good for the company, but they are not gonna save ya much money.

This evening we came up with another plan.  I packed root beer and grapes and cucumbers into a cooler.  We grabbed books and a blanket and John’s mp3 player.  After we dropped kids off at church we stopped at the grocery store deli for fried chicken and some good bread. $6.

Then off we went to spread our blanket in the grass in the nearest park for a picnic.  The 85-degree day felt utterly perfect in the shade of some big trees.

Blue sky above.

Green grass under bare feet.

Good company and good conversation.

Books and a blanket for basking in evening light after dinner.





  1. Perfect dates to me – we frequent home improvement stores as our “outings” quite frequently. The picnic looks JUST right –

    • Christina says:

      My husband and I also do the “running errands” thing when we find ourselves without kids for a short time (happens rarely!). We’ve never done the picnic date you described, but it sounds just perfect to me…I love to read outdoors. I’ll have to suggest that one next time we have the opportunity!

  2. Kimberlie says:

    I love the idea of a picnic date. We often go out to eat but a recent diagnosis of Celiac’s for my husband and tightening our financial belts even tighter, have us looking for cheap ways to have a “date night” that don’t involve eating out or shopping since we have to pay for babysitting.

    I love reading your blog!

  3. What a great date! It sounds like a wonderful idea to go off on a date. And the dollar limit makes it interesting. Another idea – How about a local museum if the weather’s a bit off. Sometimes they are free or not very expensive.

  4. Susan B-A says:

    One of our favorite cheap dates is to go to the bookstore and look at new books or new finds. We rarely actually buy anything there but take note of things we’ll want to look for on half.com. We top the night off with a hot chocolate at the bookstore cafe.

    We’ve also had luck with free outside concerets downtown.

  5. Thank you for that wonderful article. Waiting for much. ciao.


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