Got wheels?

For awhile our 5 year old has been playing on her bike with the pedals off–a great way to help little kids learn to ride — and she’s been acting like she’s got the balance thing figured out. Yesterday John put the pedals back on, and sure enough, she was more than ready. In a few minutes she was zooming down the hill in or driveway, and even feeling confident enough to go off-roading in our grassy side yard. Good job!

She had company playing with wheels. Her 8 year old sister was showing off her prowess at skateboarding. And our 16 year old son was trying out a brand new board called The Shred Sled. (Here’s our review of the  Shred Sled.)  And remember, you can click on any of the pictures to enlarge.


  1. what fun! especially for people of an age not to break a hip when they fall! LOL

  2. Mary, you just gave me one of those slap yourself in the forehead moments…I’ve always wanted to get one of those balance bikes for my kids but didn’t want to fork out the money they cost for something so temporary. Until I read this post, I never thought about just taking the pedals off of a regular bike, brilliant! Thanks!

  3. there was a recent article in the Chicago Tribune about this way for riding a bicycle. It seems to be a tried and true method 🙂

    Congratulations on new mobility!