Since my hubby has already started giving them to neighbors…

It’s begun already. Earlier it seems than most years. I’m awash in zucchini. I vowed to pick them tiny, I really did. It’s so much easier to pick/eat/give away 6-inch zucchinis than 18-inch monsters.  But then we went camping and came back to plants that had gone berserk in our absence.   John and I picked 10 zucchini on Monday alone, mostly big ones.  John gave one away to a neighbor driving by on his tractor.  You could tell it is still early in zucchini season because the neighbor took it with pleasure.  A month from now he’ll be running from us.

Here are Tuesday’s zucchini, along with plums, raspberries and the first of the green beans.  At least I caught a few at the desired 6-inch size instead of the bully-big-brother size. But what to do with the abundance that is now overflowing our fridge?  Monday I used two huge ones– about 8 cups of cubed zucchini –in hamburger zucchini stir-fry.  Today there’s zucchini bread on the agenda.  And I’ve got a few new recipes to try.  There are these nice looking zucchini fries from Dinner, A Love Story.  Maybe lunch?  Smitten Kitchen has a gorgeous zucchini and ricotta galette.  Maybe dinner? And, the most pre-emptive zucchini strike of all:  Edible Squash Flowers from Wise Bread.  Those recipes, along with my plan to pick zukes TINY should help my current zucchini crisis.  What about you?  Anybody begged you to take a zucchini off their hands lately?


  1. I have the most delicious recipe for zucchini brownies! We justify eating lots of them because they are “healthy” for you! They are thick and moist and never last long. Email me and I will send you the recipe if you want.

  2. According to this website:
    August 8th appears to be National “Sneak some zucchini on to you neighbors porch” day…thought that might be helpful! 🙂


  4. in Animal Vegetable Miracle, Barbara Kingsolver had a bunch of zucchini recipes, including one for chocolate chip cookies. I think the recipes are all available on her website. My zucchini plants all died, I’m so sad (and a little jealous!)…

  5. i don’t mind the huge zucchini at all.. i cut them up, vacuum pack and freeze them for later. i’m a poor phd student and i’ll about the free produce, especially in the middle of winter.. it’s not as fresh as it was right of the vine, but it’s still wonderful and i love knowing where my middle of the winter veggies came from (my dearest friends here in logan and their produce stand).

  6. ooooh I would take them off of your hands! Living in an apartment at seminary with no garden, I would gladly eat your zucchinis!! I wonder how long it would take me to drive my tractor from Boston…

    My favourite way of preparing the monster ones is to scoop out the seeds and some of the flesh (don’t throw it out–save it for later). Most recipes say to par-boil the zucchini, but we like it on the crisper side so I don’t. Then I brown ground beef or pork,onions add to it maybe some green pepper or celery, canned diced tomatoes, some of the zucchini innards. Cook until the vegetables are tender-crisp. Add some grated parmesan cheese and I usually add some cooked rice, bread crumbs, even cubed day old bread. Then I load it up in your boats. Cover with grated cheddar and bake until the zucchini is tender to your liking and the cheese is melted.
    SOOOO good! Depending on the size of the zucchni I could eat a whole half myself!

  7. You can cut into small cubes, or just shred it in a food processor and freeze it in ziploc bags. It will last quite a while that way and comes in handy to “healthify” lots of foods. The frozen shredded works well in a TON of things. I’ve added it to sauces, casseroles, pancakes, oatmeal, cookies, cake, and, well, almost anything. If you have picky kids, you can peel it before shredding and they will not be able to detect it in any of the above. It will have no taste. If no one minds the green specks, then don’t peel first. This makes me wish I had some zucchini plants. Or that I was your neighbor. 🙂

  8. I should try the above suggestions of adding it to foods like pancakes, my 2 year old son needs more veggies!

    I made a recipe from Pioneer Woman last night, Farfalle w/ zucchini. It was so delicious and easy.

  9. I’ve made zucchini bread and butter pickles before. They taste great!

  10. Not so much of a recipe…just a way to get rid of the monster zuc’s….we use them as baseball bats with rotten tomatoes (or some other produce the bugs got to before we did) as the balls. It’s a ton of fun!

  11. Count your blessings! Some years are great for us, and other times we really miss our delicious zucchini. I wrote a blog post to remind me to savor the zukes when we have them!

  12. We’re doing well – gardenwise here. Lots of tomatoes and peppers. And they’re earlier than most years. I only planted 1 squash plant, and so far, it’s just enough. I did put in some extra seeds for a late crop. Never did that before. We’ll just have to wait and see.

    Enjoy your garden!!

  13. I wish! Our zucchini plant bit the dust last week. It produced a few flowers, but no squash. I’m not sure what I did to kill it. Our other squash (pumpkin and butternut) are taking over our other garden patch.

  14. Here is a great recipe for banana zucchini bread
    This has become our new favorite!

  15. chrissym says:

    Someone gave me a monster zucchini almost a week and a half ago and it still is sitting on my counter waiting to be grated and frozen …maybe reading this post was my sign to get it done today 😉

  16. Johanna says:

    I woman at my church recently loaded my roommates and I down with a bag full of zucchini, jalapeño peppers, and greens… all fresh from her garden. We were very grateful. A household full of college students doesn’t always think to hunt for quality produce.

    Since I’m the person most comfortable in the kitchen, I’ve been given the honor of cooking all of these wonderful vegetables. The only problem is that two of my roommates have special diets. One is lactose intolerant and has gallbladder disease. She can’t have dairy, onions, garlic, beans, or anything acidic. The other is a strict vegetarian.
    I’ve decided to make a sort of zucchini curry soup. I’ll chop up the zucchini and throw it into my crockpot with a sweet potato, carrots, curry, and vegetable broth. Then I’ll put it on low for 7 hrs or so, and dinner will be ready when I get home from work.
    Hopefully it’ll be a success!

  17. I wish I lived closer, I would love to take some off your hands. I saw a recipe for zucchini pickles the other day on Good luck!

  18. We love to make zucchini quesadillas. An onion diced, a bell pepper diced, (any color) zucchini shredded, sautee until soft, add 3 Tbsp of taco seasoning and then use this filling to make quesadillas like you normally would. So yummy! We also like to use zucchini diced in scrambled eggs for breakfast burritos.

  19. Well our zucchini were doing lovely until hubby tried to move it and killed all 3 of them! There were overcrowded, but I think they had accommodated to that space. Now they are dead. But when we were drowning in the stuff, our all time favorite was zucchini parmesan….same as eggplant but with zucchini! YUMMO!

  20. I always just shred all the zucchini we can’t use right away, put it in zip lock bags, 2 cups each, which is exactly the amount I need for each batch of zucchini bread. I can’t tell any difference in the bread made with frozen zucchini. The shredded frozen stuff can be added to almost anything, as someone said above. We’ve added it to meatloaf, hamburgers, or sloppy joe and my VERY veggie-picky kids ate it right up.

  21. My Dad used to work for TriMet the bus system in Portland, OR. He forgot to lock his truck in the employee parking lot one day and ended up with a front seat-ful of zukes! hahaha

    I love to make stuffed zuchini halves using leftover rice, meat and veggies. I also shred it and freeze to add to soups all winter.

  22. I wish people would give us some! Our garden has been horrible this year–between too much rain and heat, things have not been doing well. (You can water when its dry, but when its too much rain, there’s not much you can do…) I just saw a flower on the zucchini plants yesterday, so I have hope we might end up getting a few though! I had a friend post on our church’s “E-mail list” asking for zucchini because her plants didn’t do well either. That made me laugh, not so often that you get people begging for them! 🙂

  23. We love to grill our zucchini after brushing them with some olive oil; you can make a delicious marinade with olive oil, minced garlic, Italian herbs (fresh from the garden!) and then sprinkle with Parmesan and or Mozzarella cheese.

    The big zucchini make a fabulous mini pizza crust when sliced 1/2 inch thick and grilled, topped with sauce and Mozzarella cheese–yum!

    Our zucchini are coming way to slow and small this year. ;o( ENJOY!

  24. Besides zucchini bread and cake, I like to hide it in smoothies for my non-zucchini loving children. My husband and I like to slice it long-ways and marinate in italian dressing, then grill it- Yummy!!

  25. There is this staple recipe for zucchinis that I’ve been having since I was a toddler:

    Chop them in cubes or big slices and put them in water with chicken/meat broth (if you don’t have handmade avecrem/starlux will do!)put as well a couple of small potatoes and one carrot. Let it boil in the express cooker or similar till soft (15 minutes or so..)with not too much water. Make them puree and add portion cheese and some milk/cream till the consistency is like a cream. You can have it cold or warm, like a vichysoisse.
    bon apetit!

  26. We always joke that you have to leave your car locked at church this time of year or you’ll end up with zucchini!

    I also freeze it shredded and chunked. But this time of year I add small chunks to salsa and spaghetti sauce when I’m canning. It is completely unnoticeable in the salsa, and barely noticable in spaghetti sauce.

    There are some great recipes above. Our favorite is: peel, cut up and remove seeds if they’re huge. Saute in butter until soft, then add an egg or 2 (depending on how much zucchini). Cook the egg, then add some american cheese on top. VERY unhealthy! But my kids eat it! And so does my sister who gagged on zucchini growing up.

  27. I too make (can) zucchini sweet relish. We like it better than regular cucumber relish and SO easy to make! 🙂

  28. crazyeights says:

    I almost didn’t try this recipe but was so glad I did… Shred zucchini and saute in olive oil with some salt, pepper and lots of squished garlic. It is so good! I love sauted zucchini and didn’t think this would taste much different but it does. My non-zucchini liking kids even like it!
    Also, instead of shredding and freezing, I often puree and freeze, to put into soups, breads, layer into enchalada casserole, etc.

  29. Amanda from IamBaker has a beautiful post featuring Zucchini cupcakes.

    I’m dying to try them, but our apartment bucket garden didn’t work out in the squash department, and my parents didn’t plant any this year!


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