That yard sale game

All those yard sale goodies?  $13.20.   Which means the closest guess was from Kelli C. of BusyBusyMommy.  I lucked out at several different sales.  First was a church yard sale.   At church sales, you’ve got to be willing to really dig, because there tends to be a lot of old stuff.  However, the prices are usually excellent.  We got a bunch of clothes for 25 cents an item.  The dishes also came from that church sale.  $2.25 for the entire heap.  Sweet. 

Another sale was selling clothes for $2 a bag, which also helped our total cost.  The shoes were 25 cents a pair.  All in all it was a really successful 2 hours of shopping.   Probably the best find  from a kid’s point of view was the little white dress on the far right in the picture.   My 8 year old daughter was so thrilled with it that she had to try it on three times on Saturday, and then delightedly wore it to church on Sunday.  Oh, the cuteness…I should take a picture for you.


  1. We would love to see one, reminded me of when I was a kid and I got new shoes LOVED my new shoes.
    Thanks for sharing
    Rachel (u.k)

  2. Holy cow – impressive haul. My kids always tell their friends “My mom got this dress at a yard sale!” – I love their pride in our frugality. 😉 Hopefully it doesn’t wear off…

  3. Wow! Well done momma! Being a “Garage Sale Queenie” myself, I am totally impressed.

  4. Wow, those are some great finds! When I was guessing I was trying to add up each item in my head – I was sure those dishes would’ve been at least $4 or $5 for the whole stack. $2.25 is an excellent deal!! Congrats on all the great finds!

  5. Kathleen says:

    Yowsa! I bow to you…boy was I way off at my guess of $25.00!

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