Budget makeover and cherry pie

Thanks to all of you who volunteered for a budget makeover!  In just 24 hours I heard from two dozen families, so you are not alone!  I will be contacting the family I’ve chosen in the next day or two, but I’ll keep the emails of everyone who contacted me just in case I end up doing another budget makeover in the future.  And I’ll let you know when my budget makeover post goes up on BlogHer, probably sometime in August.

Yesterday the kids and I made cherry pie.  Anyone else in the mood?  I shared the filling recipe over at myrecipes.com and used PW’s recipe for pie crust.  Yum!  Makes me wonder why on earth we don’t have a cherry tree around this place.


  1. Jessica says:

    We picked tart cherries this year. They made YUMMY pie and jam. They were great to pick too because they were at the kid’s (6 & 3) level and there were tonszzzzz.

  2. I should make one of these someday – I don’t care for cherries but my kids love them.

    And looking forward to the budget series – I would have loved to volunteer but don’t think my husband would be comfortable, so I’ll watch from the sidelines and glean some great advice! I know the areas where we can cut back…just can’t seem to force myself to do it.

  3. Kathleen says:

    I must comment on all the beautiful pictures I’ve been seeing on your blog of late. So beautiful! Your life is very inspiring. Thanks for sharing you world with us.

  4. We just picked enough strawberries this morning to make a strawberry-rhubarb pie. The kids have been begging ever since the rhubarb came up in may! Can’t wait to dig into it after dinner.