Giveaway: Wee Ride

I’m giving away a  Wee Ride Kangaroo bike seat OVER HERE! The contest ends Monday evening at 5 PM.  I’ll announce the winner of the child seat on Tuesday morning, so go find out how to enter!


  1. Oh boy, mine isn’t very exciting. I remember riding in a bike seat that was attached to the back of my mother’s bike and being quite fearful – especially since she was ramping up onto a bridge!

  2. Jessica Brammer says:

    I really didn’t do a lot of riding growing up, but we have recently bought a used bike that I am going to start riding. I took my first ride on it a few weeks ago while I was about to pop pregnant and wearing flowy pants that I had to have my husband tie up into shorts for me to ride without getting them caught. I am sure I was a sight to see.

  3. ugh, i have a bike memory, but it’s not such a good one. I was in one of those back seats for kids when I was 4…somehow my leg got caught up in the spokes of the back wheel. Yeah, sprained ankle…no good. Needless to say, my kids have never ridden in one of those babies. Now this wee ride, on the other hand. This, I would use!

  4. Oh, I have been wanting one of these! I love to bike but Hubby thinks I am a horrible biker because early in our marriage we would ride together and one time we were doing trails and I rode right into a ditch. I was following him and he made the turn and I went straight. He turned around to find me pulling myself and my bike out of a ditch. He said he’s never seen anyone do such a thing but I am sure everyone has ridden into a ditch at least once in their life ;o)

  5. My favorite bike riding memory is when I was in high school. My mom came and woke me up in the middle of the night to go ride down our dirt road because it was a full moon and absolutely gorgeous outside. I turned her down but my brother went and I have always regretted not going 🙂

  6. I love your blog and use your cookbook at least twice a week, if not more. This bike seat has been on our to-buy list for a while and my toddler would love to take spins around the neighborhood on this. My best bike riding memory is going to pick out my first 2 wheeler. It was pink with a rainbow banana seat, a flag in the back and streamers on the handlebars. I felt like such a big girl at the time. No training wheels anymore. My Dad and I picked it out at K-Mart when I was probably 9 or 10 years old and I will forever remember what that bike looked like. I was enamored with it’s gorgeous shininess.

  7. My dad let us ride sitting on the bar before him. that is one of my favorite memories, being old enough to ride side saddle between his legs, on a blanket strung over the bar, before I learned to ride. I felt so safe!

  8. Kelly Maine says:

    When I was younger, we didn’t have alot of money. My Dad bought a used bike and spray-painted it several soft, sparkly colors. It was beautiful, the best bike ever.

  9. I used to love taking long rides on country roads with my dad and brothers.

  10. I learned to ride a two-wheeled bike by riding it down the slight downhill slope of my parents’ country front yard. I remember it feeling not-so-scary because I knew I would land on grass and not cement! Of course, this was in the pre-bike helmet days 🙂

  11. This would be great for my Brother and Sister-in-law. They have 5 kids, 18, 10, 3, 2, and 7mths. I’m sure they would love it if I won it and gave it to them!

  12. I so distinctly remember riding in my seat on the back of my Dad’s bike. He’s a train fanatic, so we would almost always make the train station part of our ride. Even as a little kid,I loved speed and I would say “faster, faster” and he would oblige 🙂

  13. kriscake says:

    We grew up in the country and every summer night we would wait to see my Dad coming home far off in the distance. We would race to the end of our road and see who could beat his car home. After dinner, we would ride up and down our street, talking about our day. It doesn’t sound like much now but it is one of my favorite memories.

  14. Laura Pilker says:

    One of my favorite memories is when I was about 11 or 12 years old, I was learning to ride with no hands. I was so proud of myself- being able to balance the bike and throw my arms up in the air. One time, I got into the moment, and raised my arms up, tilted my head back, and closed my eyes, delighting in the sun on my face and the breeze in my hair. Then, I was jolted back to reality by a blaring horn- I was headed right for an oncoming car! I grabbed the handlebars and swerved out of harms way. My friend and I laughed our heads off and I remembered to keep my eyes open from then on!

  15. shannon says:

    Hi Mary. The first memory that came to mind was when my younger brother and I decided to show off while on our bikes. We had company (don’t remember who) and we both decided to pedal as fast as we could at each other, like the game chicken. Except, well, neither of us moved off to the side. We crashed in gravel and I lost a tooth. Those were the days… 🙂

  16. When my oldest daughter (now 12) was about 5 years old, we decided a ‘family bike ride’ to the park would be a good idea. What were we thinking??!! She was still riding with training wheels, which I now understand: training wheels = still slow. It was excruciating!! My husband had kid #2 in the kid seat on the back of his bike, so going slow was no option for him. With that extra wiggly, difficult to balance weight on the back, it’s go fast or get off. So that left me to bring up the rear. For a while I just rode in circles behind her, but that got old, and I got dizzy. So I just got off and walked my bike the rest of the way. And now I need to go tell her this story – she’ll get a kick out of it!

  17. I don’t have too many memories of biking with my parents–and I want to have my kids have LOTS of memories of that. I do have a vivid memory of riding my new bike into a parked truck (lame reasons for why I was looking down at the bike and didn’t see it) and knocking out a tooth. It was quite traumatic! While it did scare me physically, it didn’t keep me from biking. 🙂 I have two older boys and a 6 month old, I’d LOVE to have this so we could all bike together.

  18. I had to make my kids learn to ride bikes! They just didn’t care. Once they learned to ride bikes, they were unstoppable! We bought a trailer, and my little one hates it. The helmet makes it hard for her to sit comfortably, and she doesn’t like being alone. I also can’t pull the trailer, so if Dad isn’t available, we’re out of luck.

  19. One of my bike riding memories was getting my first ten speed bike. All of the big kids in the neighborhood had one, so when my mom bought the neighbor girls’ old bike for me, I was so happy! I think my parents still have it out in the shed. I spent a lot of time on that bike during the summer.

  20. Ok, so this is a memory about a bike ride when I was a little girl and my sister was still little enough to ride on one of those baby bike seats. She was probably 2 or 3. Back in the late 70’s those bike seats were as bad as car seats. Metal contraptions that looked more like medieval torture chambers. We had just moved to Idaho. I was 5, my sister was 2 or 3. Most likely 3. Anyhoo, I’m whizzing along on my training wheel bike way ahead of my Dad. The wind in my face, the feeling of freedom on my yellow banana seat bike with training wheels! I owned the sidewalk! The world was MINE! Look out pedestrians! Beth is on the sidewalk and she’s taking no prisoners! I’m riding along thinking my parents are still behind me. Well, actually, I remember wishing they weren’t with me because then I could go further than the end of the sidewalk. Since I was 5, I had to do the LAME-O thing and STOP at the end of the street and WAIT for my Dad. These parents were cramping my style man. I get to the end of the sidewalk and think I hear my parents screaming my name. I have that sassy feeling inside me and I turn to REMIND them that I AM STOPPING AT THE END OF THE SIDEWALK….GEEZ! I turn around and see that my parents are NOT behind me, they are a half a block back off their bikes and my sister is BAWLING. I ride back to see what’s the problem. Apparently, the medieval bike seat had come lose while my mom was riding and it fell backwards. One part of it was still hooked on and my sister was still hanging on (no buckle?), but her head was bumping up and down against my mom’s bike tire. She’s crying. My mom is crying. Our bike ride had to be canceled. I felt really bad for my sister, but I was a little miffed that our bike ride had to end. I was OWNING our neighborhood. Wasn’t I a booger? My sister survived just fine though, but I don’t remember them ever using that contraption again!

    If I win this, I would love to use it for bike riding with my daycare baby Little Man in the fall. We always want to take bike rides with him, but I don’t have a seat or trailer and I would love to have this so I can see him enjoy the ride! Pick me Mary! Pick me! 🙂

  21. Biking Memory:
    My parents had touring bikes with orange and brown stripes in the 70’s. They bought them together as newlyweds. When my brother and I were born, they added plastic ride-in-back seats to their bikes–I think they must have sat a lot closer than ride-in-back seats do today.

    They took us for rides in all kinds of weather, my mom’s long hair held back with tortise-shell combs (in the age before helmets). Often when we biked, they wore matching dark blue windbreakers. I remember the feeling of my dad’s windbreaker against my cheek, when I rested my head on his back as we rode, and even when I had the thrilling victory of riding my red shiny bike without training wheels, I missed the snug closeness I’d had with my dad on those rides.

    The Kangaroo Ride would be a great way for me to help my little ones create their own cozy-with-parents memories!

  22. We love riding bikes, this would be a fun way to try.

    When my brother was a toddler he was riding in one of the seats behind my mom. She was wearing a shirt that buttoned down the back. While riding he unbuttoned her shirt. 🙂 My dad still thinks the story is funny, my mom not so much.

  23. Sarah McGuire says:

    My favorite biking memory is using my high school graduation money to buy a mountain bike. Everyone thought I was crazy to use it for a bike, but I got more enjoyment out of that bike that anything I’d bought previously. I had the bike for about 10 years, and I wish I still had it!

  24. I didn’t do a lot of riding growing up. We lived in the country and bikes didn’t do too well on our roads. I got a bike in college, though, and enjoyed riding with friends. I remember riding with my roommate, who was big into biking, and just trying to keep up with her! She didn’t believe in leisurely rides.

  25. Whitney says:

    I grew up riding our bikes constantly. They were great fun! We used to ride down a hill in our neighborhood as fast as we could – it was like flying!

  26. That bike seat is so cool! Okay, my favorite biking memory is when I would ride along the Erie Canal with my dad at dawn. My father passed away this year, so the memory has only grown fonder.

  27. My favorite bike riding memory is the day a couple friends and I took bikes over to Coronado Island near San Diego, CA and spent the day bicycling all over town and along the beach. I’d love to do that again one day!!

  28. Oh my goodness…my husband and I have been looking into getting something for our son to ride in so we can start bike riding again. This is exciting!
    I worked at a church camp two summers and used biking as my stress relief. Riding on the gravel roads was a wonderful time to spend with God and get away. I have many great memories of good talks while riding on those gravel roads in Mississippi!

  29. i saw one of these in use the other day and was curious about it. i’d love to have one!

    my brother and i rode our bikes on our cul-de-sac a lot growing up, but every once in a while our mom would let us ride a few streets over to go to the playground. we felt so grown up!

  30. I’m going to hijack a bike story from my husband: He used to be really serious about bike-riding – would do triathlons and the likes in his spare time. When his oldest son was very young – maybe 2 or 3, he thought it would be a good idea to put him on one of those seats on the back of the bike and take him for a long ride. When he got to the furthest possible point from the house, and was about to turn around and head home, his son had had enough of the bike ride and began to wail. Just wail and wail and wail, endlessly, the whole ride home. Another biker on the trail looked at him sympathetically and said, “Well, you’ve got a built in siren…”

    I don’t think he ever made the mistake of going on a ‘long’ ride with him again…

    My husband and I are due in August with our first (through embryo adoption!), and have four bikes between the two of us – and an amazing 22 mile bike path that stretches from Torrance to Malibu just a few miles from our house. It may be a little while before our little guy can be in this seat, but we’d definitely get some use out of it!

  31. I don’t remember riding with my parents, but I spent a lot of time on my bike as a kid. I remember that you could cut really sharply at the bottom of our hill and make a turn and come back up it with some momentum- unless you cut TOO sharply and slide the bike on it’s side. That hurt. A lot.

  32. When my siblings and I were kids, we spent A LOT of time on our bikes. We lived in the country on a dead-end road. One thing that we did with our bikes that I vividly remember is- we would tie a rope to the back of the bike, and tie the other end of the rope to a skateboard. We would then pull each other back and forth down the road. We actually thought it was fun to go flying into the ditch and land in the long grass. Now, as an adult, it amazes me that none of us was ever seriously injured!

  33. I remember the day my dad brought home my very first big kid bike. I was six years old and I had my heart set on a cute pink bike with a white wicker basket. I had been eyeballing it at the store for months. I ran my hand over the smooth white seat and imagined myself pedaling down the street, with the white tassels on the handle bars blowing in the wind.

    I can remember the feeling of my heart sinking when I first saw the bike. It was a boy’s bike! It wasn’t pink at all, but rather a dark maroon color. And it had an awful BANANA seat! My dad had rigged up some white tassels to the handle bars with duct tape and tied a white wicker basket to the front with wire. It wasn’t at all what I had my heart set on.

    Fast forward a couple of weeks . . . all the boys in my neighborhood thought my bike was the coolest bike in town. They’d beg me to take turns riding it up and down the street. They taught me how to do pop-a-wheelies and go off jumps. And the banana seat? Perfect for bringing a friend along while we chased down the ice cream truck.

  34. My husband and I went biking a few years ago on my birthday (pre-kids) and got caught in a huge downpour of rain. Some nice women let us sit in their car that was parked by the bike path while we waited it out, but had already gotten very wet!

  35. My favorite biking memory…It was the summer when I was 15 or 16 years old. I lived on the coast of Oregon. I went out for a ride, not really planning where to go or how long to be out. I began riding and found myself going up Hwy 101 from Tillamook all the way to Garabaldi. I think it was about 22 miles one way. I remember the salt smell of the summer air and the breeze on my face. How I miss the cool summers on the coast. Where I live now is often 110+ in the summer! I also remember my parents irritation that I was gone for so long!

  36. I learned to ride a 2 wheel bike when I was 3. I loved riding my bike but so didn’t my older brother because he rode it like a trick bike. He ended up breaking it because he was really too heavy for it.

  37. When I think of bike rides, I immediately think of my husband because I thought him how to ride a bicycle at the age of 21. We both grew up in an apartment dwelling in NYC and there was no space to store bicycles which is why his parents never taught my husband to ride. My parents though were very poor and could not afford to get us bicycles.

    I learned to ride by spending an entire summer with my cousin in the suburbs of NJ when I was about 14 years old.

    When I met my husband at 20, I was shocked that he didn’t know how to ride. One afternoon I decided that it was time he learned and we spent an entire afternoon on a date in the school yard. It was the greatest time!

  38. The gears in my bike once ate my favorite ribbon in the world. It was a silky blue ribbon, and I cried. That’s probably the boringest bike story you’ll ever read, but I it felt like the end of the world back then.

  39. Oh wow, what a neat seat!! This isn’t my story, it’s my husbands- he was out for a ride with his dad, and a training wheel popped right off his bike, and he fell into the busy street- luckily his dad was there to scoop him back to safety. Yikes!

  40. We LOVE urban biking! I remember Mother’s Day 2007 when my husband and then 2-year-old son surprised me with one of those double bike trailers so we could ride easily as a family. They had assembled & hid it in the neighbor’s garage and to deliver it they had me stand in the front yard while they rode down the street in it. It’s still one of my favorite Mother’s Day presents ever!

    I REALLY hope I win this giveaway!!!