Backyard Safari

Recently we got a fun batch of toys in the mail from Backyard Safari Outfitters. There’s a fun periscope— double handles, sturdily made — with the added advantage of being submersible up to 16 inches. This lets kids peek into the water of a lake or river and spot those fish themselves.

The second item is a Bug Vacuum. The vacuum sucks the bugs into a chamber that is fitted with a magnifying glass for closer examination.

Other interesting items in the Backyard Safari line include a cargo vest.  With all the pockets for storing gear, it looks like the perfect gift for a kid who likes to go fishing.  There’s also a fun looking Bug Habitat.  That one would go perfectly with the Bug Vacuum.

I like the way this line of toys encourages kids to explore the outdoors in an active way.  The tightwad in me feels compelled to say that you could have similar play with cheapo butterfly nets and make-your-own periscopes. But not everyone is psyched to make their own toys.  And if you’re going to buy a toy for a kid, why not pick something like this that will encourage them to be active and interested in their world?

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  1. Jeanne A says:

    sounds like they would make great gifts for when the cheap-o make your own won’t do………