Talking about large families

Here are links to a couple of interviews I did recently in case you are interested.

COMMITMENTNOW.COM:  Think it Impossible to Keep Kids Happy?

CROSSWALK.COM  Large Families: Blessing or Burden?

Also –on Thursday, Living Inspired is running an interview I did with Mary Byers.


  1. I enjoyed both interviews! I liked your comment about car time being valuable – I have found this so true! Especially when my kids are older, that seems to be some time that I find out a lot of what is going on in their lives!

  2. shannon says:

    Hi Mary. Great interviews. I am 30 and wish I knew at 20 what I know now. I got my Master’s degree 5 years ago after spending 6 years in college with lots of student loan debt. Sure, I’m proud of it but waited to have children. Then, when I was done with college, of course I wanted to use my degree. I’ve just had my first child who is now 4 months old and enjoy every minute! What a pure delight.Being a mom is much more rewarding to me than my profession (counseling). I wish I would have started when we were younger as my husband and I have been together since I was 19. However, hindsight is 20/20 and I can’t wait for more little blessings to come our way now!

  3. Thanks for all your positive and reasonable words about large families.

  4. I enjoyed reading both interviews and also loved your book. It can feel a bit lonely at times not knowing anyone else in our 150,000+ city that homeschools a large family. That’s why I’ve loved getting to know so many of these families through blogging over the last year. I love learning how other moms manage their busy families. Thanks for the encouragement!

  5. Lovely thoughts, Mary! I was feeling a bit insane until I visited here this morning. Thanks for helping me count my blessings once again!

    I remember watching your amazing, dignified, yet humble, mother in action when I was a young mom. She is surely very proud (but not too proud – Lutheran’s never die; they transfigure or is it transmogriphy?) of you!

    You articulate beautifully the precious blessings that God showers upon large families. And, the surprises and fun just keep growing!