Where I’ll be for the next 5 weeks

Activities planned for the next 5 weeks:

  • Wedding dress shopping
  • Wedding reception food planning
  • Youth group game day at my house (this weekend)
  • Mother’s Day get-together at my sister’s (also this weekend)
  • Oldest son’s graduation May 22nd
  • Oldest son’s graduation party at my house May 23rd
  • Son’s 12th birthday at my house May 28th
  • Daughter’s 8th birthday party at my house June 5th
  • Daughter’s wedding 5 weeks from this weekend!!!

Predictions for the next 5 weeks:

  • Spotty posting
  • Over-budget grocery bill due to much partying
  • Dozens of photo ops resulting in thousands of pictures
  • Much joy and celebration which I hope to share with you after I come up for air

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  1. Yikes – you’re cutting it close with the dress! Hope you have lots of laughter and memories! Keep us informed as you can! :0)

  2. Congratulations on all of the above!
    Blessings on your schedule, time for rest and time to enjoy all the whirlwind around you. 🙂

  3. Hi Mary! Just wanted you to know that I just did a two week feature on frugal weddings on my blog. Not that you need any help! LOL

  4. Oh I wish we could talk. My weeks have been a bit like yours minus wedding planning….but that’s coming up too. I must confess that all the change and growth is hard on this momma.

  5. Seriously, it that *all* (wink wink).

    I hope that everything is absolutely better than you think it could ever be.

  6. Crystal Clark says:

    Wow! Have fun!

  7. You didn’t want to maybe throw writing a book in there too? lol

    Hope you survive and thrive!

  8. Shannon says:

    Enjoy all of it! I’ll miss your blogging but you’ve got priorities. Doesn’t the time fly by?

  9. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help!

  10. Sounds very busy. I hope you enjoy it all. And maybe one small nap as well

  11. Wow!! How exciting! A spring to remember! Praying for energy and on going joy! Congrads!! sue

  12. My girlfriend said that” May is the new December!” Enjoy these crazy times!

  13. Hang on…it’s going to be a bumpy ride!
    You can do it!

  14. I hope you have an amazing time and just remember to breath! Can’t wait to see pictures!