Twirly skirts

I look out the kitchen window at the clothes whipping on the line: sheets, towels, and three little gauzy dresses.  Dresses that the owners wore for only moments before tossing them into the laundry, still clean.  To the little girls who twirled in them, it seems easier to toss them into the laundry than to return them to the closet or the dress-up bin from which they came. I sigh, not even wanting to know how many items of clean clothing cycle through my hard working washing machine each week.  Kids….

But then I look — really look —  at the little dresses waving there, flipping gracefully as if dancing children still wear them.

I remember my line isn’t always going to bear testimony that little ones live inside. In a few more heart-beats, these little ones will be grown and gone,  and so will their gauzy little-girl dresses.

My throat catches and I pause to savor the sight.  And when one of my little girls comes tearing into the house with a hearty slam of the front door, I hold out my arms and she comes gladly into them. I hug her tight.  I smooth her hair.  I rejoice in the presence of her.

And her lovely, lively laundry.

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  1. oh, Mary!!!
    What a precious reminder…we will miss these days when our little ones are still little ones!

  2. I love this post… Makes me tear up to think about those days in the future without masses of clothes left on the floor in my daughter’s closet instead of on their shelves and hangers…

  3. Thank you! I have a couple of twirly skirts of my own…. and a few muddy tractor drivers! I really enjoyed this.

  4. Thanks for the reminder. it brought tears to my eyes to think of not having little girl clothes in the house. But I will enjoy the time I have with her.

  5. I love seeing all our jeans on the line, big ones and small ones and in-betweens. They always make me smile. I often “forget” to take them down when they dry, enjoying the way they decorate my backyard in the personal way that a wall spattered with candid photos of the family would.

    Also, I immediately recognized the dress that has the peach and pink stripes. We have that same dress at our house, too. 🙂

    • I like the way cloth diapers look on the clothes line. I have one picture on my computer that I absolutely love – and no one else understands… it’s in my backyard, there’s a bunch of kids playing in the sandbox, a line full of diapers blowing in the breeze, green grass in the yard, and hubby at the grill. Best of days. 🙂

  6. Such a sweet reminder that helps us to keep our focus on why we do the things that we do.

  7. awwwhhh….you re so right. xo

  8. Meant to stop by the other day to say, “Thanks for dropping in!” I had no idea you had a history in the St. Louis area or in the seminary world! Nice to know!

  9. Beautiful sentiment!


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