How homeschoolers entertain themselves

On our recent vacation my 18 year old son had fun taking pictures with his new phone.  He took the photo on the left when the dog escaped from her kennel in our van after someone-who-shall-remain-nameless left the kennel unlatched.  The dog used her freedom to scale Mount Luggage behind the back seat (we pack things rather densely around her kennel) and climb into my 15 year old son’s lap. It was one of the more surprising moments of the trip.The boys posted the picture on facebook, and then amused themselves with the commentary below, which I just had to share for your edification and amusement.

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  1. Hee-hee. That’s awesome.

  2. oh my heavens, that’s hysterical.

  3. Like

  4. Hahahahahaha!! A quick question which I’m sure you’ve answered before 🙂 What vehicles do y’all drive? What would you recommend for a family with 6 kids?? Thanks!

  5. what a total hoot! literate silliness now that is wonderful!


  7. hilarious! thanks for the laugh!

  8. Wow! They have obviously read their bible. 🙂

  9. Oh, my goodness! My teen homeschooled daughter would LOVE that Facebook thread. She’d be so glad to know there are other people like her out there!

    Perhaps we could talk about an arranged marriage in a few years?

    Sheila from To Love, Honor and Vacuum

  10. So there seems to be inspiration here from Judges, Daniel, and Revelation? Maybe a touch of Isaiah and Ezekiel? And all this before they had even been confined to the car for hours…

  11. goodNESS, this is excellent.

  12. ha! That was a great laugh.

  13. Thanks for a great smile to start my day – reminds me of 34 years ago(oh to be 10 again!!! returning with my family from vacation . Our dog Lance jumped on top of our luggage in the back of our station wagon while we were stuck in rush hour traffic on the Pennslyvania turnpike – and happliy rode it until we got home to southwestern ohio . No easly assesable phones in those days!!!!

  14. Oops no easily assessable camaras in those days (afterall what good would a phone have done — phones were for talking camaras were for picture taking ONLY!!!_Karen

  15. Oh, hahahahahahahahahahahaha! *deep breath* hahahahahaha! 😀