Little house, part two

One of the first projects in our new house was the kitchen.  The space was your typical u-shaped kitchen, with sink in the center, fridge on the left and stove on the right. The owner of the house had added additional counter space just under the window you see in the photo below.   The add-on counter was bright red, and broken-down when we moved in.  Rather than repairing it, we removed it and put a microwave cart there for awhile.

After living with the kitchen and thinking about the space for awhile, John built a bar that extended out into the room below the window.  He did the cabinetry, and together we did the Formica on the countertop.  (You want nerve-wracking?  Try gluing down a 6-foot-long piece of formica!) He even made barstools, topping them with more formica.

The new counter made that kitchen so much more functional. It gave me tons more work space and storage. Our kids had a place to sit and play while I cooked. (I’m pregnant with #3 in the pic to the right!)  As you can see, the new space was also great for getting a picture of all the tomatoes John grew in the garden!

In that little kitchen we also added a tiny desk.   We wallpapered the walls and the cabinet doors. We added a microwave shelf above the stove.  We spray-painted the old harvest-gold range and vent fan.  We made curtains.  We even added a tiny shelf up high for a little TV.  The kitchen started out so beat up in the first place that anything we did was a big improvement.  I ended up really loving that little kitchen.

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  1. Oh my, this is so incredibly sweet! Sort of reminds me of our current season in life… our lives have been zooming at break-neck speed. Five years married, with Baby #3 on the way, a house of our own, lots of change but lots of love and God’s grace. That first picture is so sweet, and the second picture is just gorgeous– filled life and light!

  2. I love it! What special memories and pictures! You look just as young and beautiful now as you did then! Just the same! 🙂

  3. These are so fun. I can’t wait to hear more. It’s so sweet to look back at building a house and family.

  4. So neat!

  5. Isn’t it neat how the things that end up mattering the most and brought you the most joy are the things that you did yourself? Not the things that you bought necessarily–but the things that you put your time and sweat into just to build a corner of the world that works for your family.

    So sweet!

    Sheila from To Love, Honor and Vacuum

  6. Oh, I just love this little story of that little house – how sweet! And I love that picture of you on the right!

  7. I enjoyed reading this because it reminds me so much of our early years – little fixer-upper of a home, many pregnancies, no money, fixing up our home gradually. I even have a similar kitchen picture of me surrounded by 3 of my kids! 25 years and 8 kids later, I’ve learned that the best things in life are those done with care, love, patience, perseverance, hard work and God’s grace.