More trip pictures

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For more pictures and the story I promised you about the kitchen fire, check out John’s blog.

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  1. The silhouette picture is awesome, Mary!

  2. beautiful photos. I especially love the silhouette and the tire trail. I gotta say, as a Florida resident, it looks really odd to see people wearing jackets at the beach! [:)]

  3. Charlie says:

    When I first saw these, I thought it looked like OR and I was right! We live in Portland and wanted to go to the coast for the day to visit the cheese factory and see the Lighthouse and Octopus tree. Wow, great minds think alike. We have not been able to go as the weather has turned for the worse. But I wanted to ask because we collect souvenirs with our son, is there a penny squishing machine at the lighthouse visitor center? Looks like you had a wonderful time. I especially love the photo of couple arm in arm, classic OR blustery weather at the beach.

    • Not sure about at the lighthouse, bu there is one at the cheese factory! We ran thru a few quarters squishing pennies there!