Vacation on the beach

This week we had our yearly trip to the beach.  For a good 15 years we had camping vacations, but these days we rent a house.  Frugality doesn’t go totally out the window:  we always go off-season, and we eat almost exclusively at home. But it is a really fun splurge.

In past years we’ve rented a place with 4 bedrooms and 2 baths.   But this year we tried out a new place, with 5 bedrooms and 4 baths, to better accommodate our crew.  Our married daughter and her husband were able to join us for the week.  Our second daughter and her boyfriend arrived later in the week, fresh back from visiting his family in Georgia.  So for several days we had 14 people in the house, and it worked just beautifully.   I’ll share people pictures in the next few days, but here are a couple I took of the main part of the house.  Not often we get such posh digs. (Or at least they were posh before the fire. More on the fire later. 🙂 Don’t worry — everyone lived.)


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  1. Oh my! Glad you are all well.

  2. I read John’s post about the fire, and had to laugh (once I knew no one was hurt). What an adventure- and with 14 people no less. Glad you are home safely, although to snow.

  3. beautiful! and what a wonderful time of year to vacation. xo

  4. We live in Newberg, OR — and our favorite place to visit is the Oregon coast!! Oceanside is wonderful and I love all your photos and seeing all the great places that we love to visit. (Cape Meares lighthouse, the Tillamook Creamery, Agate Beach, etc.) So glad you all had a great time – and that your all survived the fire!