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  1. I just don’t get how people who claim to believe so strongly in Jesus are so against healing of the sick as a national priority. The scare tactics are the same ones the radical right wing used to try and stop social security, medicaid, and the civil rights act. If you want to believe this stuff go right ahead. As for myself, I’ll take Christ’s side on this one.

  2. Disagreeing with Obama’s health care plan does not mean a person is opposed to healing the sick; more likely it simply means that the person believes Obama’s plan is not the wisest way to approach the problem.



    • Yikes. We’ve been waiting to find out exactly what the final specifics are. There’s no way on earth we can afford to buy our family a $15 – 20, 000 policy in place of our catastrophic one. Being forced to buy such policies for the associates in my husband’s business WILL put us directly into bankruptcy and/or those people out of a job. No question. I’ve already heard of layoffs elsewhere effective Monday morning because of this.

      Putting divine stamp of approval on what amounts to ideological bent is dangerous, especially when you look only at the reasons and rhetoric presented for it on the surface. (Might want to look at the history of the Civil Rights movement a little closer.)

      The overarching thing is the massive expansion of centralized power. Big gov’t is not and never will be compassion or a solution to human sins like greed, corruption and racism. No matter what grand ideas set out in the beginning, history proves that big gov’t (government made up of people just as sinful as the next) just becomes a vehicle for the sins, corruption and ideology of the power-hungry to be codified into law and set tyrannically over others (most others!), who are then without even the freedom left to try to right the injustices and wrongs. It benefits the few in power and the sinful who learn how to game them, without hope. “God is a good provider, but man is a poor divider,” will always be true, no matter how we slice it. But liberty is something we can have, inside and out, with God, if we allow and protect it. With it we can fight the sins that cause some to do without. There are excellent historical, philosophical and theological reasons that our founding fathers feared big centralized gov’t above all, and built in protections of God-given liberty for we the people. There’s some limited safe role for gov’t in caring for people, but It’s up to God to bring about the good stuff on the inside of us, then out. There’s no heaven-on -earth-by-way -of-huge-government short cut. Sin in the privacy of each of our hearts needs to be a national priority. Ditto to the things others have said as well.

      What’s really sad for us all is that any ideas for improving costs, care and coverage other than those based in big gov’t control were absolutely stonewalled in an almost juvenile way. All the while our President made public speeches about being open to any good ideas and working in a bipartisan way.

      What’s really bad is what this– and the steps they’ve vowed to continue to take as things unravel and we’re predictably forced into a “free” “single payer” system– will do to all of us in the long run. Still-young systems of socialized health care in countries a small fraction of our size and diversity are beginning to unravel. Really, though, due to economy of scale, those comparisons are of very limited value– you really have to look at the former Soviet Union for something of more comparable size. There is not one instance of excellent, equitable, sustainable socialized medicine in a large diverse country. We’ve already spent ourselves nearly into oblivion with China’s money, so it’s a dangerous fantasy that we can afford excellent, “free” single payer health care for all. We need reform, but not this monstrosity, which will eventually take us down as its effects spread.

      Sorry to comment so long. It’s just such an important issue.

  3. Jesus was not a socialist. :0) He gave directly to those in need. THAT is our example. We don’t need the government to do it for us with the money God has entrusted to us. My husband and I give generously to our church, charities and those in need. If everyone did this, things would be very different. I personally feel it is the responsibility of family, friends, churches, communities and charities to fill those needs, rather than the government. Sorry. This is just my personal opinion, and my heart goes out to those in need. (I prefer Paul Ryan’s plan.) And it isn’t my intention to be contentious.

    • The only thing is, many many people who are in need have neither family, friends, or churches that can help. Have you been to the projects? Here in NYC, most church charities are stretched thin as it is – and many of the people in dire need have no safety network outside of the slums that they live in.
      I agree that it is each persons responsibility to give to others and help their neighbors – but it’s not always enough.

      • Sue from Buffalo says:

        Not worth the damage that Obamacare is going to do. The churches all over need to step up and help NYC.

  4. Great articles, I read them all. 🙂

  5. Mary thank you SO much for sharing the Obamacare link. This is definately not the wisest way for us to deal with this problem. One point I would like to bring out which is quite alarming is that either people without insurance will have to pay a fine of 2000 dollars or get insurance at a cost of 15,000 to 20,000 dollars. Now, our family makes good money and if we were without insurance through our employer I know that would be a tight squeeze for us to spend around 15,000 or 20,000 dollars a year. So, I am guessing that would be a tight squeeze for a lot of people. So I am thinking that some people would opt to pay the fine which kicks in immediately but wait the government option doesn’t start for a few years from now. So correct me if I am wrong but this leaves a lot of people still without insurance and the government a little bit richer. How is this helping the sick? Plus the taxes for it start immediately. Just my two cents.

  6. I also have to say that I am not trying to be contentious either but I am tired of hearing that I must not care. This is not going to solve the problem but make it much worse. I do care and I know what it is like to be without insurance and having to deal with taking a critically ill child to the hospital and not knowing how I was going to pay for it but the government is getting too far into our lives and our pocketbooks for my taste. I too also feel that the responsibility lies on family, friends, churches, communities, and charities to rally together to help one another out and not the federal government. Just a link I would like to share and then I will keep quiet. This is an essay by a man who was Secretary of Agriculture. It is called the Proper Role of Government by Ezra T. Benson and I find it awesome. I know some people might not but I would like to share. God bless.


    • Thanks, Carrie. I look forward to reading it. It’s good to become firm in principals on which you can stand. Otherwise things get carried away in emotion, ideology, and what’s popular.

      I, too, get really tired of these accusations that we don’t care (we give generously and sacrificially every single day, and fight for people with less than us), that we’re racist (better go inform my brown-skinned daughter, friends and neighbors), or that we must be rich (by virtue or our citizenship in Heaven and America, yes! but our actual bank account and possessions might alter that perception quite a bit). No one likes to be “confrontational”, but those are actually very serious and seriously confrontational accusations to throw against people who merely disagree with you politically.

  7. Gosh is it late and I misunderstood. I guess the fine is based on income not a flat 2000 dollars. Most people would obviously just pay the fine because it would be cheaper and still be without insurance at least until the government option kicks in which by the time it kicks in will probably be the only option.

  8. I believe that health care reform was needed and necessary and I thank God that congress was finally able to pass it.

    Blessings to you as well!


  9. Sue from Buffalo says:

    Health care reform is, of course, needed. But not this one. I don’t believe that Jesus the Christ would want abortion. Nor would he want it paid for out of tax dollars. Obama’s executive order is not going to be enough.

    There’s a lot of lies going on by the Democratic leadership. That’s why some good honest Christian (and non-Christian) people are supporting this bill.

    President Obama has stated that perhaps older people would benefit more from pain killers than hospital care. Think about stents that are put into older people’s hearts? Will the govt view this as non-cost effective? Will the “quality of life” be the deciding factor in a person’s medical treatment?

    Think about this: When a market-run health care has a patient die, it is income lost. When a govt run health care has a patient die…it is income saved.

    If this bill is so wonderful, so beneficial, so…good, then why are the politicians exempt from it?

    • One question: if you do not believe in abortion, how can you not believe in the social programs that will help the poor take care of those babies?

      • Sue from Buffalo says:

        What makes you think that? I support Catholic Charities and other Catholic organizations that do a lot of work in that department. Why on earth would you think that I don’t support social programs? Oh. Maybe you mean govt ones. Why can’t we have that without all the other Obama-death-care?

        Obama is robbing us of the money to do good through charities. I’m not saying President Obama is evil (I don’t think he is)…but this so-called “health-care” is. Did you read the post I wrote below?

  10. Sue from Buffalo says:

    A little more information:

    page 272 section 1145:

    Cancer hospital will ration care according to the patient’s age.

    (My mother is 85 and is taking expensive cancer medicine. $1000 a month out of her own pocket for copay. Will they take that away from her?)

    Page 425 line 4-12: The government mandates advance-care planning consultations. Those on Social Security will be required to attend an “end-of-life planning” seminar every five years. (Death counseling).

    Page 429, line 13-25: The government will specify which doctors can write an end-of-life order.

    Sound like euthanasia to you? The potential for abuse? Why put it in if not?

    page 241 and 253: Doctors will all be paid the same regardless of specialty, and the government will set all doctors’ fees.

    Really? In a market run health care, the best and brightest get paid the most. That is the motivation (along with more noble reasons) for them to complete grueling years of education and high debt to become…doctors.

    I took my young daughter for her yearly check-up yesterday. I asked the PA what she thought of all of this. She said that she doesn’t like the govt telling her how to make medical decisions, how to do her job.

    There’s a lot that needs to be told because very good Christian people are being lied to. There’s a big “sales job” being done for this horrible bill.

    And that’s only scratching the surface. (yikes!)

  11. Leah from Atlanta says:

    The only doctors not currently being interfered with and told how and what medical decisions to make are doctors who accept cash only as payment from patients. Any doctor who accepts insurance is being interfered with, and in most cases, are having to spend more hours jumping through insurance company hoops than caring for patients. I hear so many negative comments about the socialized medical programs in Europe and Canada, yet the friends and family that I have in those countries state something completely different- especially as they’ve watched the nightmare I endure with the THREE insurance companies that insure my children and yet won’t pay for their medically necessary care. These same warnings of Armageddon and the “evil” nature of “ObamaCare” were hurled about in the 1960s as Medicare was founded; just like with Medicare, time will show the inaccuracies and lies that have been spouted regarding this innovative and important legislation. Perfect? No. But an excellent start.