just one sock

Here’s the knitting project I’ve been working on during my kids’ reading time this week. On size 1 needles it is going VERY slowly, but I think they will be fun socks.  If I ever get two made. 🙂

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  1. and such a cheerful yarn to be working with. It was so good of God to create colors!! I need to check out that yarn store.

  2. Beautiful!

  3. Nice bright yarn for comfy socks. One stitch at a time adds up, so if you keep at it, the fasten-off will happen.

    A gal in my Needlework Group was trying to knit socks for all her grandchildren in time for Christmas. She went to the doctor for some routine thing, and happened to mention that her thumb had quite an ache in it. After several questions, they came ’round to the idea that she should put down her little sock knitting needles for awhile to give her thumb some rest.
    Grand-daughter 7 will receive her socks for Easter.

  4. I think if I ever really get the knitting thing down, I’ll need to learn one of the two-at-a-time techniques for socks. Those looks like nice ones. Very fun for a little one (or a not-so-little one)!

  5. Cute, Mary! You can do it! 😉

  6. Oh how fun. I”ve still yet to make socks. I got bored in the middle of a fingerless glove project last winter and never did make the other hand!


  7. I really like the yarn you selected — multi colored and so pretty!


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