Book review: Sons of Thunder

Recently I was asked to review the book Sons of Thunder . I struggle to find time to read fiction these days, but I knew that Amanda, my oldest daughter, is always looking for good fiction, so I handed the book off to her to check out.  Here’s what she had to say about the book:

“It was a pretty good story with good writing. I liked the way she described places. They felt real and very easy to picture. I also liked the historical aspects the author threw in.

“My overall impression though, was that the whole darn book was a tragedy to the point of being unrealistic. Sure, some people do have really hard lives, but all three of the main characters?? I don’t know if they’re trying to sell it as a Christian book, but that was not emphasized or explained nearly enough for it to be believable that these people were helped by their faith. Mostly, it seemed questionable that they even had any. I got the impression that they were supposed to be growing in faith over the course of the book, but I didn’t get the impression that they ever really did. There were some strong gratuitous allusions to un-Christian behavior as well as a rather unsavory lifestyle in general for at least one character.

“This author has written over two dozen books, but from this example I don’t think I’d be terribly inclined to try any others. It was interesting enough that I wanted to finish it once I started, but overall I was dissatisfied and wouldn’t recommend this book very strongly.”

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  1. I appreciate Amanda’s honest review. : ) I was disappointed by Happily Ever After, one of Susan May Warren’s Christian chick lit books, even though I’m not picky about chick lit. My review has disappeared from She’s a popular author, so whatever her fans see in her books must elude me.

  2. samanthaS says:

    Amazon tends to do that.