Faster than a speeding…

  • Four of the older kids and my husband just got back from a weekend snow retreat.   Much fun was had– sledding, games, fellowship– but I’m glad to have them home.   Funny how quiet it can feel in the house with ‘only’ 5 kids.  While they were gone we watched movies, did yard work, and went swimming with friends.  We kept busy, but still I was glad for others of my ‘big kids’ visiting and keeping me company in the evenings.
  • We made some serious inroads on outdoor clutter over the weekend.  Raked up lots of tumbleweeds, pruned fruit trees, etc.  I discovered that the back of a rusty corrugated hayshed makes a fun backdrop for pictures.  The kids and I cleaned up clutter and moved in a hay bale.  Then I hauled out my camera and my new external flash/lightstand/umbrella combo, which was a Christmas gift from my dear MIL (thanks Marcia!!)  And voila!  Portrait studio.  Cue groans from my kids.  But, oh, I got some cute shots!
  • This weekend my husband and I will be taking our 18 year old son to Junior Senior Banquet, which is a homeschool event kind of like prom, complete with a fancy dinner, entertainment, and classical music and folk dancing.  Should be great fun.   I’m pleased that I have another excuse to wear the dress I wore to Amanda and Ben’s wedding last year.
  • I have decided that watching kids grow up is hard on my heart.   Even as I rejoice with kids on each new step of life’s adventure, my heart has pangs watching them go.  Our second daughter Erika, almost 20, has a boyfriend- thoughtful, intrepid Israel, photographer extraordinaire.  Our 18 year old son is getting ready to graduate and head off to college.  Sigh.  Just when they were getting all civilized and are so danged fun to be around…  Serves me right for heading off to college at 18 with hardly a glance back at the family I was leaving behind.  How do parents survive all this growing up, anyway..?   Realizing how fast kids grow up makes me want to hug everyone more.

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  1. What beautiful pictures! You have such an awesome family!

  2. Terrific pictures! It is a shame – the great company of your civilized children goes away to share their adventures with other people – but they’ll be back. I always enjoy your perspective – we live in such a quiet household and yours bustles even at it’s quietest times.

  3. I totally get how raising kids is hard on the heart. My oldest is getting married this summer in another state. What does this mean for me? That there is only so much planning we can do together… which means that her soon to be MIL gets to share that role with her… it hurts a little… okay, moaning over.

  4. you’re bringing tears to my eyes with this one…my oldest is approaching 14 and high school and his life is already changing. i want to cling to him, and sometimes, i do. he pats me on the back, from his perch which is now so many inches above me (my little baby!), “you act like i’m leaving you, mom,” he says, reassuringly, but i know what he doesn’t just yet…that he is, in his way, leaving me…as it should be. but it makes me sad/glad. Slad? You know.

  5. “Only 5 kids…” that is the way it was in our house with nine. Got quiet the minute just one was somewhere else (especially when it was Evan 🙂

    I love the idea of getting the photography equipment to get my own fab photos!

  6. Absolutely gorgeous photos!!

    My house is way too quiet when a few leave, also. So funny!