Possibly the funniest commercial ever

The story goes that women were polled about the type of commercial that would catch their attention. Popular answers included a muscular guy, a guy on a sailboat, and a guy on a horse. Thus this commercial, which we played enough times at our house that several of us now have the thing memorized. For some reason, it seems to get funnier the second or third time you see it.

Or maybe I’m just weird.

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  1. This is TOO funny! Our pastor referenced this commercial last Sunday talking about trying to live up to unrealistic expectations of the world. He commented how much he loved this commercial b/c Old Spice was, in essence, making fun of themselves. Thanks for sharing!

  2. You’re not weird.
    That was very clever. (and funny!)

  3. elizabethrose says:

    Oh, Mary! Thanks for sharing. I hadn’t seen this commercial and now I’ve watched it five times in a row and I’m cracking up! My 9 year old daughter says “That’s gross. Why do they have a commercial with a guy who is naked?” More cracking up 😀

  4. That’s hilarious! I love using the DVR to skip through boring and dumb commercials to just watch the show I wanted to see, but it means sometimes I miss awesome ones like this.

  5. I love this commercial. Favorite parts- “Sadly, he’s not me.” “Lady’s body wash”,”Tickets to that thing you like”, and “I’m on a horse.”

  6. Stop. Can’tbreathe. Seriously. Whooo…

    This bears repeating!!

  7. I LOVE this commercial! I even watched it with my husband yesterday and still couldn’t stop laughing (neither could he!)! Too good!

    …I’m on a horse

  8. I’m sitting here with a big smile and wondering to myself “What in the World?” lol. My daughter says “Ewww he’s naked!” I had to prove that he had on pants. ….Wow!

  9. You’re not weird. The commercial is HILARIOUS and the actor delivers his lines so perfectly! We’ve watched it multiple times at my house too…

  10. I just laughed when I saw this on tv!!!! And now that I know it’s from a poll like that I think it’s even funnier. Clever!

  11. Your right, it does get funnier!!!

  12. My daughter and I were just telling my hubby about this commercial, it made us laugh so hard!

  13. my hubby and i died laughing when we saw it on tv, too!!

  14. I hadn’t see this before and really needed a laugh today. Thank you. I cannot wait for DH to get home and show him. We’ll be laughing about this for some time to come. Thanks Mary!

  15. Hahahah!!!!

  16. That is so funny! I can’t wait to share it with dh!

  17. Nope. You’re not weird. That’s one of our family’s favorite commercials, too 😉

  18. My husband said, “Sad. I probably smell like a girl.” LOL!

  19. We laughed and laughed when we saw it! Very funny indeed!!

  20. I can’t even tell you how many times I have watched this commercial on tv and online! It gets better each time!

  21. I must agree, very oddly funny! :O)

  22. OK, I’ll be the odd one out.

    Maybe I’ve got out of bed without a sense of humour this morning, cos I just don’t find it funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s well done, but I just didn’t laugh!


  23. Oh no you didn’t!!! I LOVE this commercial! It IS hilarious! I literally laughed out loud the first time I saw it. The second time I saw it I made my husband come into the room to watch it, for some reason he didn’t think it was nearly as funny as I did….oh well, I guess it’s a “chick commercial” 🙂

  24. That made me laugh incredibly hard…thanks for sharing it!

  25. there’s a new one on today

  26. I haven’t seen this commercial. Thanks – It’s funny.

  27. It gets funnier and I really don’t know why…I think it is a combination of his manly voice and manly chest and how unrealistic any of it is for the average mom with rollers in her hair, smudged makeup, a baby hanging off her hip and a toddler hanging on her leg…yep – it’s a funny commercial….I told my husband he is perfect in case he was feeling a little jealous!

  28. Bwahahahaha! We were mesmerized when we saw it on tv a few nights ago.

    Since then, every time I get frustrated with one of my kids (or my dear husband), instead of blowing up, I simply look at them in the eyes and calmly say, “I’m on a horse.” And walk away. It is funny every time and helps cut any tension in the room!

    • Great idea, Sarah. I may have to try that!


    • I just laughed for 5 minutes flat. That is hilarious Sarah! Thank you for that.

    • Kimberlie Meyer says:

      Oh my goodness, I am going to have to try that. Though my kids are kind of young. It might not work. Maybe I will just try it with my husband.

      Just so you know, I have a 21 yr old brother. My two sisters and I took him to the store over Christmas to buy him stuff for college. We loaded him up with cleaning supplies because, frankly, his bathroom is nasty. But we got him toiletries too. He picked up Old Spice deodorant. I looked at him and said, “seriously?” He was surprised and said, “yeah, why not?” Um, maybe because I am 23 yrs older than you and I remember being a little girl and our DAD using Old Spice soap on a rope. I thought Old Spice was just for old men. Apparently not. Ha-ha!

  29. Another blogger friend of mine had a video about the “making of” this video: It’s AMAZING.

  30. I love this commercial! I think it is hilarious. On a side note, I laughed for 5 minutes straight after I read Sarah’s comment. I’m definitely doing that one, although they will probably send me to the funny farm. I’ll call it “vacation” :0. “I’m on a horse”.

  31. I just laughed so hard at this, and my husband is like: I don’t get it. (he said this in such a serious voice that it made me laugh even harder.)

  32. ohh thanks fro the chuckle.
    My partner who is sadly unwell (but we will get there) hes 20 yrs older than me and uses the aftershave. now if you saw my chap and then the add you would realise why i needed to possibly reach for the depends lol.
    this was one of those wonderful chucklesome times,
    Monty will love this comercial
    5thanks for sharing just what I neeeded today


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