Small houses

Our house isn’t especially small, but it is full of people!  That’s why I was so delighted by this series of small-house pictures on flickr.  This is a perfect example of beautiful functionality in a small space.


Updated to add:  The beautiful uncluttered-ness of the above pictures has inspired me to embark on a bedroom-cleaning project.  It’s either that or build a false floor in several kids’ rooms.  Kids this morning have been assigned to find 100 things to throw away and 27 things to give away.  Things given to siblings don’t count, since they remain in our house.   I WILL find more space. (Eldest, beware…the last items you’ve left here are hereby in danger of relocation.)

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  1. so cute!

  2. Ooh – please do share some of the 127 things that are out the door! Too fun. One of my biggest joys is dropping off a box of stuff to Goodwill in the morning, then putting yet another thing to give away in a new box that same afternoon.

  3. Love that small house – soo cute! But where does their daughter sleep???

    I’d love to make my foster kids get rid of 100 things, but alas most of them are true pack rats. They keep bits of paper, packaging from toys, clothes that don’t fit…. drives me nuts!

  4. Right, off to declutter. After I’ve finished reading. Maybe.

  5. Being the recovering pack-rat that I am…I find it hard to pitch stuff. However, I am determined that my own children will not be bogged down with this affliction. We have a thorough clean out about once a month in their rooms and I am amazed at the amount of treasures (JUNK!) that is tossed out! Where does it all come from? *sigh*


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