Playing dolls with mom

When little girls ask mom to come play Barbies with them, and mom discovers that most of the shoes have no matches, a shoe hunt becomes necessary.  Thankfully (shoes being essential to Barbie happiness) we were able to find a good assortment.   Made for a grand shoe store.

Hairstyling at the Owlhaven Hair Salon was also in order. The kids, of course, are cuter than the Barbies.

Later in the day walking past the front closet I was momentarily disturbed by this sight. I was relieved to notice that the doll was actually hanging by a shoulder strap. Perhaps her frock needed a drip dry.

Or maybe she’d been hijacked by a brother.
Silly boys– unimpressed by fashion and frou-frou—they tend to move on to playing pirate with fair maidens.

Makes a sister wanna go ‘arghhh!’


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  1. Yes the hanging Barbie is a little disturbing but many of my dolls ended up with an arm missing due to big brother action. Adorable playtime – nice orderly shoe selection and sweet funny faces!

  2. I hate doll shoes! Barbie, Polly Pocket, whatever. They get lost, they won’t stay on…I hate them! Surely they could figure out a way for them to stay on their feet! LOL

  3. I didn’t know Barbies came with shoes until I got older – my mom always threw them out.

    You’re a good mom 🙂 Great pics.

  4. All of my little girl’s barbies are naked! We spend time dressing them and the next time I come in the room they are all naked or half dressed. They may even be sitting in the Barbie VW Bug naked. I am amazed at this phenomenon since we aren’t sitting around naked in our home.

  5. So fun to play dolls! I don’t know how you found all those shoes and still had time to play 🙂

  6. What cute pics – with the mention of naked Barbie I have to share – the comedian Jeff Foxworthy has daughters one time he talked about why do all the girls dolls lay around naked, said he went to tuck them in and there’s all the Barbies lying there naked – says it made him wish he was GIJoe on a 3 day pass – ba-dum-dum – just struck me as so funny I’ve never forgotten

  7. Your girls are so beautiful. Playing barbies looks like so much fun!

  8. Such a good mom you are. all those shoes! Nice to have a picture of the way it could be

    Didn’t like Barbie dolls when I was a kid (although I would play with them at my cousin’s house)/ absolutely hated them when I worked daycare/ very glad I had 3 sons at home who never ever asked for Barbie stuff.

    I saw this earlier today, then came back to say that I am in A.W.E. of your patience.
    Barbie dolls and girlie hairdos. Wow.

  9. so cute – especially the girls!

  10. I love the pictures of your daughter! And aren’t we blessed to be able to play with our children!