Birth story

ohmygoodness. I’ve read this precious story three times already. Be prepared to cry. And rejoice.

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  1. Wow, Mary! Thanks for the link!!

  2. At 21 weeks pregnant with our sixth child, we were diagnosed with a serious heart defect that occurs in 50% of Downs syndrome babies. It has been a heart wrenching past 2 1/2months. This story was exactly what I needed today. It will help with the next month and a half. Thank you Mary!

  3. I read that story yesterday. So beautiful. I love how she acknowledges her grief while still loving her daughter.

  4. Mary,
    As I read this story, it took me back to April 17, 1996, the year that my daughter was born. I have my Masters in Special Education, so the second I saw her eyes, I knew that my daughter had Down Syndrome. I announced this to the room and the party atmosphere all had for our third child, first daughter, abruptly came to an end. The party was over. The doctor truthfully, but as kindly as possible, said, “I am sure that you will love whatever God gives you.” Everyone scurried out and my husband were left to ponder our future.
    Fast forward almost fourteen years later and life is fine. We live in a world that is so kind to children with Down Syndrome. There are so many activities for my daughter and she is as busy as we want her to be. And the best part, she is happy. She loves life and has so many friends. God has blessed our life with all of our children, including my daughter. My best advice for this new mom is to find someone who is one to two years ahead of her. There is always something new that I need to know and having a mom to turn to has been so helpful. Also, like life is with all of our children, there will be peaks and valleys, but with a special one sometimes they are both a little deeper and a little taller.
    The day my daughter was born, I had to say goodbye to the child that I thought that I was receiving and adjust to the one that I had been given. Selfishly, I had to say goodbye to the retirement that I thought that I would have with my husband. It was definitely a pouting time for me and a deep time of grief. God was indeed patient with me and has encouraged me along the way. This young lady sounds so blessed with good friends and family. She will do fine with the gift that her daughter will be to her family.


  5. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful and touching story. I’m hoping to post the link to my own blog very soon. The photos Kelle shared added that much more raw emotion to her story.

  6. It was beautiful! Thank you! I swore I wouldn’t cry…but I did.

  7. oh my. beautiful story.

  8. Diane Blum says:

    Thanks for sharing the story. As an NICU nurse, I can deeply appreciate this moving story as I have seen it play out before me many times.