It’s The Panda we’re talking about, after all

One day last week when I had just two kids at home, I stopped with them at Panda Express for dinner.  Our five year old, not known for her appetite, declared that she was having orange chicken and nothing else. I scanned the menu and saw that a single serving of orange chicken was less than $2.  Dandy.

Two minutes later she was in possession of a tiny takeout box containing only chicken.  She ate half, and informed me she’d just take the rest home.  Fine again.

At home, as Dad was tucking her in bed, she told him proudly that she’d stashed her little box of leftover chicken in the fridge.  “Daddy, if you need any orange chicken– ”   — at this point I was inwardly cheering her sweet generosity.

But then she went on. “If you need any orange chicken, Daddy,  don’t take mine.”


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  1. It is a well-documented fact in our house that our five-year-old, normally kindhearted and generous (with just enough spunk to keep her interesting), will NOT share her Chinese food with ANYONE. I think she would love your girl.

  2. Can you blame her though? It comes in such cute little boxes!!!

  3. Oh, I’m talking about the chicken of course. 🙂

  4. Too cute! I don’t like to share Panda Express either! One just opened up 5 minutes from our house- it tempts me all the time!

  5. That’s hysterical!

    I love when my 3-1/2 year old will “share” her ice cream and give you the smallest amount and say “that’s enough for you mommy”.

  6. Aww now that is precious…


  7. Thanks for sharing. Cute and funny! 🙂