Kitchen storage: making the most of space

New shelf!I’m excited to show you what my hubby has been doing lately.  For years I’ve looked at a little gap in the kitchen between the edge of a cabinet and the edge of the window, and thought it would be a perfect place for some more shelves.  This Christmas John granted me that wish. He got the shelves up just the other day, and it is delightful to see how nicely they fit in that little space. It is the perfect spot to store some cute dishes that he and the kids gave me for Christmas.

John also built me some vertical partitions in the cupboard where I store casserole dishes.  Before when I wanted the biggest casserole dish– you know, the one at the bottom of the stack–I had to move the whole heavy pile to get it.   Now the partitions allow me to store the dishes sideways, making it tons easier to get the pan I need.Plate racks!

Also for Christmas, John gave me some pretty plates, to make my food photography more fun.  We found some plate racks at Wal-Mart the other day, and attached them to the wall.   Now my plates are nicely displayed, but in a more protected location than if they’d just been stuck in the cupboard with my everyday dishes.

Cabinet with a new shelf added

The final thing that John added was an additional shelf in my dish cupboard.  Before I had platters and large plates stored underneath smaller plates, which meant a lot of shifting things around to get what I needed.  Now the platters have a shelf of their own, which makes them much easier to grab. I’m thrilled with these small new touches in my kitchen, and amazed at how fresh it feels.


  1. What a sweet hubby and great gift ideas.

  2. multi-taskingmom says:

    Mary – love the additions to the kitchen. I notice you have a rather nice looking mixer there. What kind do you have? What do you love about it? What don’t you care for? I’m shopping for one….

  3. Aww, that’s so great that your hubby is handy like that. Lucky you!

  4. I looks great! What a nice Christmas present.

  5. This looks awesome. We are hoping to remodel our kitchen this year so I love these ideas.

  6. It is so amazing how removing even little obstacles to things can feel so wonderful. Kudos to John for helping make your dreams come true!

  7. Those are great additions! I love it when our homes can be made better without the huge expense that some think it will take. For you, all it took was someone who loved you…how much sweeter can it be!

  8. How nice! Did you get any pictures of your partitions? I’ve been wanted dh to make some for me (same reasons you listed!)but I’m not sure how to do it? We’re planning to put a pegboard in the laundry room for our wok and some other big pans, they’re always in the way also!

  9. Love these ideas! Now ya need to get him to post a ‘how to’ on his blog. : )

  10. I love all your little kitchen additions too!! I love the partitions idea!! I also have a major space issue in my kitchen. Great ideas!

  11. Mary, I live in Akron, Ohio, and today’s Akron Beacon Journal food section’s centerpiece is the Chicago Tribune article quoting you on maximizing food dollars! I love your blog and was delighted to see you quoted in my local newspaper!

  12. Nat Alea from OK says:

    Wow! What great ideas! I’m definately using the pretty plates on the wall trick.

  13. Wonderful!

  14. Is your hubby busy next week? 😉

  15. love this!

  16. How great to have such a handy-man around!

  17. I loved your idea of the extra shelf in the cupboard. I asked my hubby to add one in ours for my meat thermometer, digital scale, small cutting board, knife sharpener, etc. All things that are small and flat that were getting lost elsewhere. It’s perfect!