Just before Christmas while paging through my faithful old address book to address Christmas cards, I arrived at my sister Rebekah’s page.

She has a whole page devoted to her, a written monument to a life full of activity. Adventure. Moving. Sometimes just across town. Sometimes across the country.

Each step on her life-adventure has been dutifully recorded in my address book. Sometimes neatly, sometimes not-so. Address after address written, then scratched out. Whited out. Covered, sometimes with address labels, most recently with a large square of paper, scotch-taped to the fragile page.

When preparing to send her a Christmas card, I realized that she’d moved again this year. This time to California, to live with the farmer-husband she married in June. As I wrote her new address down, this time on a new page because of her new last name, I realized that this page would likely stay pristine.

She married a third-generation farmer, you see. A man who owns many acres of land, whose father owns many acres adjoining his. A man not planning on moving any time soon.

My baby sister is finally settled.

Happily, gloriously so.

I was happy to follow her early life-journey on the pages of my address book. But I’m even happier to see her finally settled.

God is gracious.


  1. Awww, that post gave me goosebumps. I don’t even know your sister, but I’m so happy for her.

  2. So sweet.

  3. THAT is a precious picture of them!!!

  4. What a great picture of them.

  5. What a lovely tribute to her. I like to think about that word “settled.” It implies settling “for less,” but I think many of us mamas who have settled in for the long years of raising children think it’s more like settling “for more.”

  6. How true, Angela. I also like the word ‘settled’ because of the association I have with the American pioneers, heading out on adventure, settling a new land, taming it, bringing beauty and comfort to rugged wilderness, and opening up doors of opportunity for their families all along the way.

  7. I am happy for your sister! It is hard to find someone who will make you happy and settle with you for a lifetime!

  8. Beautifully written, Mary… I love this one.

  9. i love this one too…and remember your post with this photo earlier in the year. what fantastic happiness they both express in this picture. xo

  10. Love this post – so insightful and genuine. I, too, was a wanderlust (still am in mind) for many years, and I’ll never forget the day my best friend said to me, in only the way a best friend can, “I cannot wait for the day you call me to tell me that you’re content just where you are”. May your sister and her husband not only be “settled”, but also “content”.

  11. What a sweet sister you are! I really enjoyed this post. Like Jennifer, I hope your sister has found joy and contentment.

  12. And a handsome landowner to boot.

    Sounds like it was worth the wait for your sister. Sometimes it takes a little longer to find our one and only.

    From one who knows…

  13. I really love that post, Mary.