Links worth checking out

Good, Evil, and the Ring of Power is a thoughtful commentary by Tim Challies on the Lord of the Rings. The more I read Tim’s blog, the more I appreciate it.

If you shop online as much as I do, you’ll appreciate invited me to peruse their vast supply of coupons last month.  A few examples of what I found there:  a $5 Target coupon, a 20% off Wal-Mart coupon, and a deal where you can get a set of Vibe i-phone headphones for $1.99.  Definitely looks like a place to visit when you’re contemplating an on-line purchase.

Money Saving Mom is doing an Eat-From-the-Pantry Challenge in January. I’ve got some up-in-the-air plans for January– more on that soon, I hope– so I’m still trying to decide if I’ll participate. But I’ll definitely be checking in on the challenge over at her place. Looks like a great way to clean out the freezer!

And because I can’t seem to do a link-up without sharing at least one recipe, here’s one for bacon-wrapped pineapple bits that I’m considering doing for our church New Year’s Eve party. If I have pineapple in the pantry, that is….