Frustration is….

…buying an article of clothing, getting it home, sitting down to wrap it, and then discovering the ink-filled anti-theft device is still firmly attached.



  1. That happened to me once and when I took it back it seemed like the store was more concerned about disciplining the employee who forgot to take it off than anything else. I didn’t go in mad at all — if anything I was worried they would think I had stolen it (even though I had my receipt). I felt bad because I wasn’t trying to get anyone in trouble — I just wanted to be able to wear my jeans.

  2. Or having bought said item 3 hours away in a store that you don’t have in your hometown.

    My husband was able to ask a friend who worked in a store with the same kind of tags for help.
    Good friends are the best.

  3. Happened to me once–with something my daughter was to wear out of town. We found it while packing and I had to run to the store before she left.

  4. Nicole Slack says:

    I hate thqt too beacuse with 4 kiddos that are younger I then have to pack everyone BACK up and run back to the store for them to take it off… I agree frustrating.

  5. I can’t tell you how many times my poor mother did this when I was growing up! Once, she didn’t discover it until a couple of hours before she had to wear the dress to a Christmas party for my father’s office (it was a pretty fancy affair). She had to send him to the mall to get it removed while she finished doing her hair and make-up!

  6. I once found one on a dress that I had bought on clearance more than a year before… with the receipt long gone and the desire to wear the dress presenting itself for the first time I had to get really handy with my scissors and sewing… luckily it was a formal dress with a train that I was able to just trim off. But it definitely taught me to inspect my clothing more closely!

  7. I did the same with a velvet evening coat I boat in New York City. I didn’t discover it until I was back home in Alabama. Luckily, they had attached it to the seam, so I was able to remove it and resew the seam.

  8. Jacqueline Strawder says:

    My husband and I were on our way to a Christmas Party once when he discovered the tag left on ..needless to say we were a little late by the time I mad it to the mall and back AGAIN!
    Sorry, about your luck ….lol.


  9. Yes, frustrating! It happened to me once the day before Easter with the dress I planned on wearing the next morning. I didn’t have time to get to the store before it closed and it wasn’t open the next am until after church.

  10. I did this one time when we were in Florida at Walt Disney World, and didn’t find it on the jacket until we were back in Arkansas!!!

    But you know what, I was able to remove the tag with just some pliers and nothing happened. So either I was very lucky or they really don’t have ink in them after all!

    Good luck!

  11. i recently bought a sweater on clearance, packed it away til the weather got cold, then packed it for a trip to nyc. and ended up riding the subway all day with the stupid anti-theft thing attached. some guy asked me if it was my pacemaker! 🙂 when i got home, my husband got it off with his drill.

  12. Oh my! That is frustrating! And the poor commentor who lived 3 hours away?!

  13. It makes you wonder why they put it on if you are all able to get out of the store with it still on. Ok I know it is meant to disperse ink when attempted to be removed but how frustrating!

  14. Maybe I shop in the low-end places, but I had to look up what you are talking about? some of the pictures remind me of a tire boot on a car.

    Although there was that one time when I bought something on Clearance, wrapped it ready for the post office. On the way _into_ a different store, their security alarm went off because of my taped shut box. Explaining that to a guy with a gun in his holster was quite disconcerting.

    I can imagine how upset you would be, to find such a blockage in the smooth task of wrapping and sending gifts 🙂

    and for the commenter who was 3 hours away from the store: Oh My…

  15. this happened on my PROM dress in 1988. we had to have the correct size shipped and the only lucky thing was that we had time to drive the 2 and a half hours to boston to get it removed a week or so earlier. my mom was furious. since then…it happened again this year. i had bought a special top for my tenth year wedding anniversary and we were out of town…and of course i didn’t have anything “good” to wear…since i had packed kind of light. so maddening.