Free shipping all month at Amazon

Yesterday I got up at the insane hour of 3:45 AM to hit some early sales.   Eldest and I were in and out of Target by 5:30 AM– pretty good shopping there. Next we hit Shopko, Home Depot, and JCPenneys.  We fit in a stop at Moxie Java too.  A productive morning and one that netted me some great deals, but left me whipped by bedtime. Part of that exhaustion may have been related to my 4 hour wrapping session in the afternoon! 🙂 But I’m glad that a lot of the rest of my shopping can be done online.

The other day I signed up for a free month of Amazon prime. OK, I’m already a sucker for amazon, but this makes online Christmas shopping even more appealing.  Amazon prime gives you free 2-day shipping on all orders before Christmas, no matter the size of the order.  (Thanks, Money Saving Mom!)  Just be sure to go to your account page after signing up and click on “Do Not Upgrade”.  That way your one-month membership will automatically end after the trial period with nothing ever billed to you.

I’ve been given a few books to read recently that you might be interested in if you are a book-giver. First up is Pearl Girls:  Encountering Grit, Experiencing Grace. This is a collection of stories by a variety of writers, women who found that the incredibly difficult experience in their lives were used by God to bring great blessing. My daughter and I both read this book, and found it to be both interesting and encouraging.

Another book that I read recently is one I actually bought for myself. It is called The Hole in Our Gospel and is written by Richard Stearns, the president of World Vision. Very worth the read, it talks about the disconnect between faith and actions in the lives of many of us as Christians. He includes himself in that group. The story of how his life turned around is at the heart of the book, and is both humble and humbling. Left me wondering what else I could do the be an encouragement and a help in the lives of those around me.

Oh, and here’s one more amazon deal: A subscription to REAL SIMPLE magazine for $5. Now — being honest here– I personally find that REAL SIMPLE magazine is not quite frugal enough for my budget. But I can think of a person or two on my list that it would suit to a T. So I wanted to toss this sale out there in case it suits someone on your Christmas list as well.


  1. thanks for the Amazon tip. What a great deal.

  2. I love amazon at christmas especially ! Thanks so much for the tip 🙂 I am in process of reading your book right now, and am lovin it. I have 4 kiddos and the clothing mess hit home, I have decided to remove all clothes to the laundry room. Thanks for all your wonderful insights and tips 🙂

  3. the one thing i really love about real simple is how simple the recipes in it’s cooking section are. some of my all time favorites come from that magazine.

  4. The whole in the gospel is a fantastic book, very engaging and a great encouragement for me to look for ways to do more.

  5. Thank you SO much for letting us know about the free month of amazon prime. I too love Amazon and because of this they will be getting even more of my Christmas business! Also I’m happy to say that I’ll finally be able to get your book now..and in two days!!! Thanks!