Got Costco?

The other day I was doing my usual twice-monthly Costco trip, and decided to ever-so-casually toodle through the books.   I was told a few months ago that my book would be there soon. In 4 recent trips it hadn’t been there, so I was trying not to hope too much.   But the other day, there it was, shining like a beacon from behind a large pole.   (At that point I resisted a HUGE urge to rearrange the whole book department.  🙂 )


Anyway, all that to say that FAMILY FEASTS has arrived at Costco– in the Pacific Northwest, anyhow.  If it happens to go like hotcakes, Costco may consider stocking it in other stores.  Which fact makes me want to go buy every copy at my local Costco myself.   (Am again resisting the urge–but I tell you, my brain is a strange, warped thing!)

The REALLY great thing– and the main reason I feel justified in mentioning the book yet again–  is that Costco is selling it for the best price I’ve seen anywhere: $10.87.

Another random Costco fact:   the day after Thanksgiving, Costco gives away a limited quantity of the yearly Costco cookbook COOKING THE COSTCO WAY, (here’s a link to last year’s edition).  This year I had the honor of writing the foreword, so if you happen to be at Costco early on Black Friday,  snag yourself a copy of the 2009 edition.

If you don’t get up that early, never fear:  I am hoping to give away a copy of this book sometime in the next few weeks. I also have several other EXCELLENT giveaways planned before the end of the year.  So stay tuned!


Last year on this day I was writing about BLACK FRIDAY SHOPPING


  1. Connie Corey says:

    I saw it last night at Lowe’s!

  2. Christine D. says:

    YEEHAW! Congratulations Mary. We are giving your book as Christmas gifts. Too fun to spread the joy. We’re so tickled for you. Enjoy this newest highlight along your authoring journey!

  3. Awesome!!! What a great feeling that must be to see it in stores! I too found (and bought!) mine at Lowes here in the midwest… 🙂

  4. Yay! Got to run to Costco now!

  5. I’ve been collecting my lint and egg boxes to make these 🙂 Also have pine cones that I am going to dip in wax and paraffin for my neighbors as part of their gift (I’m knitting them a throw!)

  6. I ordered mine from amazon and love it! I really am going to try after the holidays to do it! And I only have a family of 6!

  7. I bought my copy at a regular ol’ bookstore and I really like it. Congratulations on your accomplishment.

  8. Did you sign them?

  9. Ooh! I’ll get mine there!

  10. Kudos on resistning all those overwhelming (and understandable) urges!

  11. That is so cool! I’m thrilled for you!

  12. I have your book checked out from the library and was thinking of buying it for myself. Will have to pick one up while at Coscto! Yeah! That must be awesome to see your own book there!

  13. I picked up a copy of your book here in Europe at our post exchange. There was only one copy left that day.

  14. I saw it at our Home Depot in NC. Very cool. I am reading you last book right now and loving it.

  15. I saw it at our Christian book store here in Virginia!

    Great job!

  16. I sure have missed Costco since we left the NW. Do you think Sam’s Club will carry it in MN? I’m really excited that our library bought it and I’m next on the list, but I would love to buy it too.

  17. You might try requesting it at Sam’s. They are one of the stores considering it.

    Or online it is cheapest at amazon- combine it with another purchase to total $25 and you can get free shipping.


  18. I have three copies ready for Christmas presents for my three bestest friends.

    Great job. Costco is considered a huge success in my book.

  19. What a feeling!!!!

    You should be so proud! It’s quite an honor!

  20. I’m definitely going to look for this next time I am at Costco! I live in CA.

  21. Congrats on the book. That must be a GREAT feeling. If I was around you, I would have been saying, this is her book, look, here is the author!
    BTW, what do you think about Sandra Bullock’s new movie Blind Side?

  22. Oh my gosh, Mary, this is wonderful!


  23. Congratulations! Your book will be part of the gift that I will at bridal showers. It has taught me so much and has made cooking so much fun.

    I am truly happy for you Mary!

  24. Congratulations! I will keep a look out (and I didn’t know you and I lived in the same region, for some reason I had you in the Southeast)

  25. Do you know if the Costco’s up in Canada will carry the book?

    So far I’ve only seen it on line

  26. I just bought your book from amazon. I have been a long time reader, and our costco(indiana) didn’t have your book yet.
    Love the book, I have always been frugal, but you have an easy plan and some new tips for me. I m going to try some of the recipes out this week.
    Good job!

  27. Mary–that is so fantastic!! Costco does have great prices on books. If I see them here in CT, I’m going to shove it into people’s hands — or maybe just buy one or two. . . .

  28. Your book is wonderful. Do you have time to answer a question for me about the pork chops on P. 116? I used 8 thick boneless
    chops (about 1 1/2″ each) and the sauce recipe as written. They were wonderful flavor, but I was surprised by the amount of liquid–I guess I thought with the cornstarch it might thicken a
    bit. Did I do something wrong?

  29. Got your book at Costco- five copies for christmas presents. Love it, But don’t know if it’s just our Costco , -I had to search for it. It wasn’t with the cookbooks. I finally found it in amongst the kids’ books. Then when I checked out they had a heck of atime getting it to ring up.
    Thanks for the great resource.

  30. Okay, so I can’t find it at Costco or Target. I’ve looked twice recently. I live in central CA. Am I missing it and it’s there! I wanted to pick one up for a recipe book exchange this weekend!

  31. I looked at our Costco, Silverdale-WA, didn’t see it 🙁 Thanks Fiona, I will look threw all the books next time, not just the cookbooks. I love my copy from Barnes and Noble, thought I would pick up a few for holiday gifts.