October Grocery Budget

My grocery spending for October was $845, quite a bit more than the $600 that I hoped to spend.   September’s super-frugality really depleted my stores.  I was nearly out of flour, sugar, rice, and oats. I bought 25 or 50 lb sacks of each of those things in October.

I also had to stock up on meat, and fortunately found a lot of good sales that really helped with that goal. I bought a lot of chicken thighs for $0.79/lb, and just today I found 3-lb chubs of ground beef for $2.50 each at Wal-Mart.   I don’t know when I last saw ground beef for 83 cents a pound, so I bought 60 lbs.   That amount of hamburger will probably last us til January at least, so it was defintely worth grabbing.

Now that I’m stocked up again,  I am curious to see how November’s spending will go, maybe something in the $600-$700 range?  And really, when you average together the $350 that I spent in September and the $845 that I spent in October, you get something pretty darned close to $600.  It seems doable.  We’ll see!

Speaking of stocking up–remember me mentioning wrapping green tomatoes in newspaper right before the first frost?  Well, they ALL got ripe at once.   The kids unwrapped them yesterday and I was able to can 19 more quarts of tomatoes!  I think I have 160-170 quarts now!  Tomorrow I am hoping to can some applesauce and then I think I’ll be done canning for the year- hooray!


  1. I wonder what the walmart clerk thought of you and your 60 pounds of beef. 🙂

  2. I like going to Walmart and finding a 5 lb chub of burger for 4.50 a piece…We stock up and buy 80 lbs or so…the checkers usually just go “oh that’s a good price, maybe I should pick one up on the way home..” lol

  3. Shana,
    She didn’t bat an eye, bless her heart. I had 7 kids with me, so it probably made perfect sense to her. Especially when the total bill for 60 pounds of beef rang up to $53, with tax.

  4. LOL about the ground beef! I do the same thing when good flour goes on sale, and the clerks do usually give me a raised eyebrow. I bake almost all of our bread, so I need a LOT of flour to get me through to the next sale.

  5. “I got all my canning done for the year” — or so you think. Wait for the next shipment…

  6. I stock up on anything that goes on sale. Especially meat! When I see meat that cheap, I usually buy as much as I can also, you cannot beat that price. Good for you.

    On a side note, I bought both of your books about 2 months ago, I LOVE them both.


  7. Wow – I hate shopping at Walmart, but that price is worth a stop! We go through a lot of ground beef here too.

  8. We don’t buy any meat except for chicken at the grocery store. We purchase a side of beef and a whole hog from our local processor and that lasts us through the year. We pay $1 per pound for the beef (that includes all the steaks, roasts and ground beef) and about $.90 for the pork (that includes the bacon, ham and sausage). It seems much more reasonable than the store and it is a much better quality.

  9. I am a real avoider of walmart, but I got gutsy one day and asked the butcher at our favorite market about good deals on meat..he told me the store policy is shorter time on how long the meat is out before they have to sell cheap; they repack and put in the bargin bin every morning about 730. I go early and stock up(i have a huge freezer) get nice ribeyes in the summer for the grill for a hefty savings. I know what days they do beef,chicken and such so when i start getting low on what ever type i go on thoses days.
    Check around ,never hurts to ask!


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