New York!!

Well, my bags are packed clothes are heaped on top of my suitcase. My hubby has gotten time off to supervise at home. There’s food in the freezer. Tickets and hotel reservations are in my purse. My flight leaves at 7 AM. By late afternoon on Tuesday I should be in New York City. It all seems a little unreal to me.

The show that I’m doing the cooking demo for is, which is affiliated with Parents magazine and Family Circle magazine. I’m not sure what channel it is on– I suppose different channels in different areas? You can also see previous shows on Youtube, and probably check your TV guide to figure out what network carries it in your area. I’m being taped on Wednesday morning, and the show will air at a later date. I of course will let you know the date as soon as they tell me!

Wednesday afternoon I am meeting a friend under the big clock in Grand Central Station — does that sound so cool? — and then heading off with her to shop Chinatown. (Can’t wait to mee you IRL, Kate!!!!) On Thursday I’ll be doing at least one interview, maybe more. And Thursday evening at 6 I will be flying back home.

I am feeling incredibly blessed by this opportunity, and by all the kind people who’ve come together to make it possible. I’ve been loaned and given clothes and jewelry by 4 different friends. I’ve gotten wardrobe and makeup advice from a variety a neat and knowledgeable people, including my dear Shana and (thanks to a friend in Hollywood) Jeannie Mai. I’m so well taken care of and so very blessed!!

I hope to share some clothing pictures soon, but for now here are my new shoes!

Shoes (1)


Last year on this date I was talking about love.


  1. You will be amazing! When you get nervous remember all of us pulling for you and remember how many of our lives you have already enriched with your books and blog, TV is just a new way for you to share your gifts with others. Have a great time in NY 🙂

  2. Way cute shoes, Mary. And big congrats on this cool opportunity!! Have a great time!

  3. I’m so excited for you! Have a great trip! Love the shoes (of course)!

  4. Jacqueline Strawder says:

    I have a passion for boots …but love the shoes to….how great that my favorite “blogher’s” are so famous …first Ree in People magazine , all the great Cookbooks, and NOW you will be in NEW YORK and on TV ….be still my heart! I will pray for a safe trip for you …Do you feel like Bonnie Hunt in the movie Cheaper by the Dozen? …lol…Have a wonderful time!

  5. Sounds fun! I love fast and furious trips that are crammed full of doings. Wish I were brave enough to wear cute shoes. I’ve always been self-conscious my long, skinny size 9’s. I just tend to buy plain basic, but comfortable shoes.
    You will be great, just remember to have fun!

  6. *LOVE* LOVE* LOVE * The shoes! I hope they are comfortable, you will be walking a bit 😉
    Good luck!

  7. love it!!!!

  8. Mary,
    I am so proud of you and excited for you! Also, me oh my – those SHOES!

    Have fun!

  9. LOVE the second pair of shoes. Have fun in NYC!

  10. LOVE YOUR SHOES!!!!! 🙂

  11. Hope you have a great time.

    ps love the shoes. Maybe I should get a new pair. It’s been quite a while.

  12. love the shoes, Mary! best of luck in new york!

  13. Love both pair of the shoes! Way cute. Hope you have a fabulous trip; sounds like a real whirlwind but I know it will be fun.

    Read through Family Feasts this weekend; thoroughly enjoyed it. Planning to put some recipes to the test (of my family) soon.

  14. I wouldn’t have the guts to wear heels like that on TV, I know I would fall. good luck with everything!

  15. Connie Corey says:

    You are so going to rock it, friend!
    I want those boots, btw!

  16. Good luck. We can’t wait to hear about your appearance and we’ll surely be looking out for it. Love those shoes!

  17. As a former New Yorker, let me wish you a safe and exciting trip! It’s big; it’s loud, but as my Idahoan husband always says, “It sure is fun to visit!” Hope your trip is wonderful, Mary, and that your family has a healthy and relatively uneventful time at home in your absence!

  18. I love, love, love the shoes. Especially the second pair. I hope you have a great time!

  19. Go Mary Go! We are so excited for you to represent your sweet brood in New York City. Enjoy every “not-in-Idaho-anymore-Mickey” moment.:o) We are praying for you all. Chris, for D. Crew

  20. Have a wonderful and fun trip!!! The shoes are sooo cute! 🙂

  21. How cool is that! Be sure to let us know when and how to watch it.

    LOVE the shoes. Drool.

  22. Love the shoes