Shopping and linking

Had some major success with shopping today, thanks to the wise advice and excellent company of my stylin’ friend Shana. Details — and pictures of my CUTE shoes — later. Now I am off to cook chicken enchiladas for dinner, but here are a few links I wanted to share with you this weekend.

How are you treating your inner girl-child?

Why Heather thinks God is weird.

One church’s Radical Experiment. Now that’s living your faith and making a difference where it counts. What if all churches were more concerned about the poor than they were their church buildings?


  1. Great links! LOVED Heathers…. Can’t wait to see the clothes and shoes too! 🙂

  2. Amber Howard-MCGinnis says:

    I really love stories of people doing fantastic things, radical things, things outside the norm. And when it happens to help benefit other people more than themselves–truly inspirational!! Although I am not a christian and I do not belong to a church, I do appreciate churchs who give to their communities and world wide. Even better, (to me) is when their is no agenda (such as spreading the word of god) but those organizations/ companies seem too few and far between. I recently heard about Tom’s Shoes–a company who gives shoes to children . Does anyone know of any other “radical” companies or organizations like this, that aren’t connected to a religion?

  3. Thanks for the link to the Radical Experiment. That is so inspiring and encouraging!

  4. Thank you for linking to my article! And I loved Radical Experiment. So very true and encouraging.