My crazy morning

7:45- Wake with the 4 year old singing a song beside me. Snuggle her for a bit. Stumble out of bed and dress.
8:10-Start breakfast while checking kids’ journals, quizzing on spelling words and trying to get my coffee poured and some of it in me.
8:30 -Breakfast/Bible time with kids.
9:20- Kids do cleanup and jump wander into school while I sit down with my cookbook to decide what recipe I might possibly like to demo. On TV. In New York City. Next week. Leaving Tuesday morning at 6. Let my mind linger briefly on the thought of cooking in front of cameras. While stringing together sentences. Coherent sentences, ideally. Work hard to stifle the scream rising in my throat, and force my mind away from that thought.
9:40- Work on botany with kids– examine seed testas and talk about embryos. Little girls look at seeds for a few minutes with us and then head off to play with beads
10:00-10:20- Continue to scan through cookbook for possible recipes while keeping an ear on kids reading science. Little girls have moved on to Barbies now.
10:30- Phone rings–Talk on phone for 30 minutes to the awesome Christopher Langley at Bullfrog and Baum about above-mentioned plans in NYC next week. We talk about
— demo recipes
–‘beauty’ recipes (already-done recipes that will just be shown in the segment)
–test kitchen equipment
— whether or not we need a food stylist (umm..please, yes!)
— clothes to wear (solids, fall colors — I look ghastly in orange!)
— aprons (he says a solid- dare I wear my most ADORABLE polka dot apron from Susannah’s Aprons? maybe not…)
–good hotels in ‘midtown’ (where is ‘midtown’?? must google)
— Tuesday evening’s dinner at Bobby Flay’s restaurant (wowowow. PEOPLE- I HAVE NO CLOTHES FOR SUCH THINGS!!)
— other interviews on Wednesday/Thursday (more clothes, people– argh!)
–the fact that it snowed last night in New York (boots!! coat!!! that does it, I’m going to have to pay the bucks and check one bag…but what if they LOSE MY CLOTHES?? Assuming I actually find some.)
11:00 Finally off phone (I’ve locked myself in my room for quiet) and am met at bedroom door by a kid frustrated with figuring 3/8 of 40. Ascertain that one other child is stuck on same thing and conduct a lesson, trying to help without totally doing the entire lesson myself since both their brains seem to be stuck in the “too hard- I can’t do it” mode and are refusing to engage in actual learning.
11:20 Send kids off and check email- find I’ve gotten an email from a friend of my dear friend Janet in LA. The friend is a TV clothing stylist and is offering to give me clothing ideas. Praise God! But she wants a full body picture to start. Oh horror. I head into my bedroom for makeup and my best jeans and my cutest shirt.
11:30 – I beg the 11 year old who has actually finished his math to come outside and take a few 14 pictures, all but two of which I hastily delete in horror. The cute shirt is not so cute on camera. Darn. The jeans are decent, thankfully– or as good as can be hoped for what they’ve got to work with.
11:45 Head back inside to quickly edit pix, to find that kids are STILL stuck on math. My head is about to explode from going a million directions at once. Give a bit more coaching while editing pix and sending a desperate plea a friendly email to the wonderful helper girl who is hopefully going to solve all my clothing woes. Feel utterly vain to be worrying so much about clothes, but people. New York. TV. Can this really be my life?

11:50 — Sit down to tap out a blog post because, when in stress, must blog.

And there you have it. My morning in 591 jumbled words.


  1. You are going to tell us what show/network you’ll be on ahead of time, right? Right? I’ll likely be at work when you’re on, but I can TiVo it…

    (And no, you’ve never met me in person or even corresponded with me. I’m just a blog reader who loves the how-to videos you’ve posted here.)

  2. Sounds excitingly, nervously, fun! Yes, keep us updated so we can watch you on TV. Would love to go to Bobby Flay’s restaurant. Could I go as a reviewer with you?!?!?! LOL!

  3. And I thought my day was busy!! Have a great weekend!!!

  4. Crystal M. says:

    I’ve just recently discovered your blog through The Pioneer Woman’s blog and your book (Love it so far, just wish I had more time to read it!).
    I just had to share that my hubby and I went to Bobby Flay’s restaurant in Las Vegas for our anniversary a year and a half ago. It was AMAZING! I’m sure the original in NY will be even more so. You’ll love it!
    Thanks for sharing insights into your world. It’s a highlight of my day to check out your blog. :0)

  5. oh crazy! how very exciting you get to be on tv! (exciting for us) please link to it here-we don’t have tv but id lov to see it. good for you. 🙂 darci

  6. Will the show be local or national? No matter, super exciting stuff. My husband lived in Midtown for six years. You’re gonna love it. I am jealous-mucho-grande.


  7. kate in ny says:

    Owlhaven is coming to the Big Apple? Well, I’m sure you are looking forward to a bit of hotel peace and quiet (not to mention the cute little shampoos and conditioners), but if you are worried that you will be pining for a house of noisy kids, meandering dogs and laundry up to the ceiling, you know you are ALWAYS welcome to come and stay with us . . . just a bit north of NYC, and real cheap! And I make these awesome baked apple donuts for breakfast . . .
    Let us know the details when you get them!

  8. Aaaggh!! How cool is that! How unbearbly fun to cook in front of cameras! And Erin is right- you must share with us when and where you’ll be on so we can DVR you and cheer you on well after all is said and done! You will be fabulous and beautiful and wonderful just like you are on the blog! I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to know that someone was wise enough to book someone with your faith and wit and joy on a TV show! Yayy!

    And I’m not having to suppress my jealousy at the fact you get to go to Mesa Grill. I’m not jealous about that at all. Not one tiny bit. 😉

  9. Hey Mary, whenever we had to stay on Manhattan we stayed at The Giraffe. It’s inexpensive (comparatively) and just lovely. I’m horrible with what’s midtown and what’s uptown, etc, so that may not work…but if it does, it comes with high marks from a family who travels there a lot!

  10. You have a busy week ahead of you!

    Midtown Manhattan is the center of the island – the commercial area where Times Square, Rockefeller Center, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, and Grand Central Station are. Wikipedia gives a decent description:

    As for hotels, there are probably a hundred or so – at every price range from “seedy-and-unsafe” to The Plaza. Most of the typical chains have a location in mid-town, so if you’re comfortable with the Marriot/Hilton type places, you’ll likely find one close by.

    Don’t let our current weather scare you – the long range forecast for next week is back up in the 50-60 degree range.

    Best wishes – sounds like a fun adventure!

  11. One more thing – in the “what to wear” category – most New Yorkers still go out for the evening in basic black, whether it’s a casual or formal affair.

  12. Right there with you on the clothes thing. It seems like no matter what situation I’m invited to, I have no clothing suitable!! Argh!!! And the changing of the seasons always does me in ;-0

    I highly recommend the Hotel Edison in Midtown. It’s recently renovated and very comfortable. The diner downstairs is the perfect place to have breakfast and it’s *shockingly* well-priced. It’s just off Times Square, so it’s super close to all the action.

    Can’t wait to hear/read/see all about your trip!!! Oh, and don’t you worry about what you choose to wear. Once you start talking people will see your warm and generous heart and will instantly fall in love with you!

  13. Oh my goodnes how very exciting – please do let us all know where and when – the black ideas are fine but you are not a New Yawker and you look SO pretty in blues – maybe repeat the color theme of new bath decor – lighter blue and dark brown? (that sounded more clever in my head than it looks on this page) – but stylist – woo hoo now that’s what a multiple book author needs to have! this is exciting – and what IS 3/8 of 40? – 15 right????

  14. Wow – how exciting! I hope you will spill on what show and when so I can DVR! LOVE your cookbook and blog and can’t wait to see you on tv! 🙂 relax and enjoy!

  15. Plum is THE fall color and from what I’ve seen, it would look great on you. I can’t believe a tv show wants you to bring your own apron but asks for a solid. Hmmm, what would I wear–the Alcatraz special or the early 60’s brown and gold cartoon alley cats. Oh right, a solid–the tv people would be in charge of that!

    For dinner, black sweater, black pants, maybe add an Ethiopian scarf. You’ll blend right in, and you won’t have to worry about spilling dinner.

    We always stay at the Marriott in midtown, not the Marquis, but the Courtyard, I think? Handy to everything and very accomodating.

    Can’t wait to see you on my flat screen!

  16. How very exciting that more people are going to find out about your awesome book! Please let us know when the program will be on so we can all watch you on TV.

    As far as your morning is concerned, sounds like you accomplished quite a bit, so don’t be too hard on yourself! :o)

  17. Hey Mary, I prayed for ya and am excited to see where God takes you on this journey. Remember who you are sister! sue

  18. the big apple has a lot to learn from you. enjoy yourself. you rock.

  19. ArdenLynn says:

    7:45? They let you sleep til 7:45? I haven’t slept that late since 1992. My littles are always up by 6:15…at the latest.

  20. Hey there
    I love you blog and can’t wait to see your tv special. I live in NJ just right across the river from NYC. You are going to have some much fun and midtown is right in the middle of all the action. I agree with the other posts that you should wear plum or a rich blue/brown combo. They are both fallish and much better then orange. Don’t worry, you will do great and just know you are in my prays along with so many other readers.

  21. Wow, how exciting! Wonder how your afternoon went..

  22. Yes, wear plum. It would look great on you with your great eyes.

    By the way, I told my husband about your Priceline hotel and we decided to try it for our before and in the middle days between cruises in Fort Lauderdale. We did one before the other and got a great Hyatt hotel for $92.00 with taxes. We then did the second stay and got the same price for the same hotel. I love it!! We are going to Washington DC and NYC in June with our second daughter and her two kids(one is Korean) and may try the Priceline idea again.

    Jen’s mother

  23. Perhaps this is cold comfort, but Mesa is VERY casual. Jeans and a nice sweater or button up are totally fine.

  24. Wow!! How exciting!! Can’t wait to hear where/when/what! I like the plum suggestion too. Such a pretty color! And Mesa sounds so yummy! I think I’d love his food!

  25. Wow. . that’s so exciting!

  26. I love the community of women who love you! Yay for you! What a day- and the coherence of mind to write it so well. I have to learn that cross-out thing!

  27. You can absolutely wear jeans and cute top to Bobby Flay’s restaurant :o) I promise

  28. I did a nyc weekend sans kids recently and had the same trauma: NO CLOTHES! Somehow the cute outfit I wear to Target just isn’t that cute in nyc. And I wasn’t on TV! 🙂

  29. By far my favorite phrase in this post is this:
    ” take a few 14 pictures, all but two of which I hastily delete in horror. The cute shirt is not so cute on camera.”
    I can SO relate to this feeling! “Hastiliy delete in horror” is perfect verbage for that act.
    PS. I’m buying your “Fabulous Feast” book this week – can’t wait!