Bathroom Pictures!

Finally I have pictures of the new paint in the bathroom for you!   I’ve discovered it is ridiculously hard to take pictures in a bathroom.  I’ve included a couple ‘before’ pictures.  The paint was just white, original to the house, which was built in 1993.   I guess we got our money’s worth out of it.  You might be able to see the wallpaper border.  It is of children of every color, playing on the seashore.   I loved that paper for a long time, but it was starting to peel, and we really needed something fresh.  All over the walls we also had beach pictures of our family.   I plan to put a few pictures back up, but not as many as before.  I like the more spacious look of the empty walls.

The paint colors I chose are a colonial blue and a very deep chocolate brown.  I especially love the look of the brown on the back of the bathroom door.   In fact, I love the brown so much that I am thinking of painting all the doors in that hallway. Looks much richer than the old white paint.

I decided to paint big dots on the walls to copy the polka dot pattern on the new shower curtain.   Drawing the circles on the walls was easy.   I just used a couple of different sizes of pot-lids, and traced around them with a pencil.  Painting within the lines was a little harder.  The wall is textured, which makes it very difficult to paint crisp lines.   It took forever!   But I am pretty happy with the way it turned out.   I am also going to add a few blue dots to the brown wall above the tub, but I haven’t gotten around to that yet!

Click here to see the gorgeous project my hubby just finished!


  1. Wow! (And it’s in YOUR house!) 😉

  2. What an amazing difference! Want to come paint mine?

  3. Beautiful! I love the circles. I can only imagine the time that they took.

  4. Ooooo, I like it!!

  5. It looks beautiful!

  6. Love it!! You can’t go wrong with brown and blue! 🙂 And I do love the brown door too…

  7. wow – that looks really good! I can’t believe you painted all that by hand!!

  8. It looks great, Mary! I love the brown door, too!

  9. Looks so great! I love that you didn’t fill in the circles.

  10. It looks really fresh and clean, Mary! I need a new look in my bathroom but don’t have the gumption to start a project right now. Soon though…..

  11. Standing ovation! Lush colors… a room that floats!
    Beautiful, Mary…

    All’s grace,

  12. WOW! It looks great. I love that brown. Do you know the brand/shade? I’m looking for the right brown to use as an accent in my living room. Thanks for the inspiration.

  13. wonderful job! – your choice of the circles repeats a pattern but doesn’t make it busy in appearance- very coordinated – from what I can see – fantastic job on the door smooth and even. lots of work with a terrific result!

  14. It looks great!

  15. It looks great! I love how you painted the door. I’ve never thought of doing that. Thanks for the inspiration. : )

  16. Hey, the bathroom looks great! I have a downstairs one that is in desperate need of wallpaper removal and then paint.

    I just picked up your book at the local bookstore. Thanks for the shoutout for the cost per serving calculator on my site! Looking forward to trying some of the recipes in here so have it at my side as I do my weekly menu this morning.

  17. Jacqueline Strawder says:

    Looks beautiful …I think I will do my kids bath like that …only in black and white…love it!

  18. Wow! Beautiful!

  19. I love it, Mary! Very fun!

  20. REALLY like it! so glad i’m housekeeping in the era of chocolate brown…such a yummy color. much preferred to avocado green and gold! 🙂

    And, the circles look like perfection in the pics…great job!

  21. Never underestimate the power of paint! Well done Mary.

  22. Great job updating the bathroom!! It looks wonderful. [:-)

  23. I have the exact same shower curtain and now I wish I owned a house so I could paint really awesome circles on my walls, too! I love the way yours turned out!

  24. I love it! Might want to buy a couple more of the matching shower curtains to keep the look after the first one dies.

  25. It looks really good Mary!
    Thanks for sharing!

  26. Wow….it’s adorable! Fantastic job!

  27. i can’t believe you did those circles freehand–no wonder it took forever. very fun and chic.

  28. Your bathroom looks beautiful. I love it. Though, I really thought it was sweet before with the border of children and the pictures. But it does have a more modern, cleaner look now.
    I was so glad to see the pictures of the circles up close. We too have textured walls (textured plaster) and I have been thinking of painting polka dots in my daughters room, but I was worried about the dots looking neat on a textured wall. Thanks for making me feel like it can be done.

  29. One of the times I was about 2 months pregnant, my oldest daughter (then 10 or 11) came in and said, “Wow, Mom, your stomach is already starting to stick out.” My sone (9 or 10 at the time) came to my rescue. After “shushing” his sister, he put his arm around me and said, “Don’t worry Mom, you always looked like that.”

    Yeah, kid compliments are great!

  30. Bathrooms are always so difficult to picture. I like it, so simple yet effective. Well done

  31. Jacqueline Strawder says:

    Mary …how did you get the circles to appear wider on different sides?….I know you said you used pan lids ….but I always have problems with lines and swirls and need a step by step … ….what can I say, I am line challenged!

  32. Jacqueline,
    First I drew a circle around the larger pot lid with a pencil. Then I set the smaller lid inside that circle on the wall, but instead of centering it exactly within the larger circle, I made it deliberately off center, so that once I painted between my two circles, one side of the filled-in space would be thicker and one side thinner. I also varied which side of the circle was thicker: sometimes left, sometimes right, sometimes top or bottom, to make the effect more random. Make sense?


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